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  1. Herman better be fired after this year. Same #### 4 years in a row. It’s obviously he can’t/won’t fix the obvious issues and discipline is awful
  2. Gonna be a wet game, passing attacks won’t be as effective. This will be a physicality contest. Carthage wins 35-14. Center scores a late on against the backups
  3. I’ve been sitting here thinking this morning. I know that can be dangerous sometimes but here goes. tom Herman is a good coach. He’s not elite, but he has the opportunity to be elite if he can make the right decisions moving forward. offensively, this offense still looks to want to be Ohio state. It is a good offense, but has glaring weaknesses. Sitting atop the leaderboard for points and top 15 in most categories, it is pretty good statistically. The issues are the predictability in the run game. Hearem’ and I discussed this last year. Certain RB get certain play
  4. or maybe he doesn’t adjust his offense to fit a less athletic qb? Some coaches just don’t know how or aren’t good at it.
  5. You don’t think Riley adjusts to the talent he has? I think that’s what makes him so good. He leans on the run game when he has it, when he doesn’t he leans on the passing game. I think Saban’s issue was control. When he started giving OC’s the reign to open the offense up you started seeing more production. Saban was always about defensive dominance and control with his offense.
  6. Exactly. That’s why it’s got to be Urban and then a short list for 2nd. I keep seeing Malzahn being mentioned and don’t understand the praise for him yet. His best teams have been with extremely good qb play. If he doesn’t have a great Qb his offense seems to be average. I’m looking for someone that could adjust to the talent he inherits. Tom hasn’t done that in my book and it’s the reason we haven’t pushed through the ceiling. Trying to be physical with an OL that is low ceiling just doesn’t cut it. Then other top rated OL keep avoiding Texas. A coach has to be able to mask his t
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