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  1. I hate to see this. Getting a fresh start with a new coach. I feel the best players will play. That means he’s #2 and RoJo gets bumped. Unless he has a riff with drayton, this doesn’t make sense.
  2. Agree on Dabo. We haven’t seen if he can lose staff and keep on. He lost his OC for the semis and the team struggled. Yes, I understand that was a tough situation, but surely Dabo is in on the offensive meetings. They shouldn’t have had that much trouble. sark is in a good situation. He’s being given the opportunity to build a great staff and is doing so, regardless of what any ou fan thinks. It is still a ways to go to see if he can get it done in the fall, but he’s giving himself a good shot at being successful by hiring good assistants
  3. I agree. I was just asking the ou boy a stupid question since he made a snide remark. Of course we know Saban is the greatest, but those assistants are good coaches too. The reason Saban can hire new assistants regularly and succeed is the talent he has stockpiled. I’d be willing to bet that Bama is in the cfp conversation next year with new assistants. Let Saban retire and Bama will idle down some. Even if dabo replaces him. I think Saban is a way better coach than Dabo. Saban can coach up coaches, there’s the difference
  4. Leave fcs as is. Any g5 team doesn’t like it they can drop down.
  5. There’s not 250 teams. There’s about 115 I think. I liked the bcs and the metrics that it used to rank teams. It took strength of schedule and other things into consideration. 5 p5 champs, top ranked g5 champ then fill the 2 at large spots with the bcs rankings
  6. I understand. I also said his content was good. I do prefer Um to really, really hard.
  7. I took speech online and had to have an audience of three and video it. I had trouble with um myself. Difference is, I don’t make $5.7M and am not the face of, um, a huge university, um, with high academic ,um, standards.... lol his content was great though
  8. None of it matters until the conferences are set up the same, disallow the fcs games and all play the same amount of p5 opponents
  9. Same could be said for any of the p5. They have down years too.
  10. The highest ranked g5 should get the 6th auto. Then it’s as fair as can be. If you leave them out it’s gonna be called invitational still. There’ll just be 3 invitational spots available
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