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  1. Why do most reports talking abOut millionaires usually leave out Oprah and George Soros? That’s the first time I’ve seen them listed as billionaires. I’ve known they were, but never see them addressed as such typically
  2. So you have no thoughts on the matter, just what you can find from a website. At least you’re being honest while making insults. I’ll give you that. It’s still easier if you just say “I don’t know”. It would save you lots of typing. Still typical of most liberals I know. If they don’t know something, just start insulting
  3. That article was a whatifism
  4. Still waiting on you to post YOUR THOUGHTS on the matter of the death totals being wrong. See my above response to your claim about it being higher than it really is. We are all waiting
  5. So the report is about how it is supposed to determined. Ok, doesn’t change the fact that it’s been done differently. once again, give us YOUR THOUGHTS on The matter.
  6. Significantly undercounted? Give us some instances where this could be true. People aren’t necessarily dying from the virus, but the symptoms of it mixed with underlying conditions. Most are basically suffocating from not enough o2 and just dying. Most folks without symptoms haven’t died from it and are in the recovery numbers counted. I’d think that if a person died they’d at least ask family if they had symptoms, before ruling covid out as the killer, especially if the person fit the age range and what not. Talk about a whatifism its fact that states are saying hospitals have lied about the numbers. Dispute that if you want. There’s proof and if you want to argue against proof then by all means knock yourself out. I believe what you’re saying could possibly be true, but itd be an oversight if anything. Cooking the books for more money isn’t oversight. They were caught doing it over and over
  7. Can you comment on the false number of deaths “due” to covid-19? Several states are reporting now that their death totals are skewed as hospitals admit they’ve been marking most patients as covid patients. Care to comment on that since you want to use the fake total for political purpose
  8. I wish they’d just start calling that party the antiAmerican party
  9. Add another state to the list.
  10. Hospitals were doing that to get more money. That 100,000 is inflated and has been proven.
  11. You shouldn’t. It’s exactly why they don’t like trump. He’s a threat to their power and control.
  12. So Fauci was a kook but now that he’s saying the opposite he’s to be revered as an expert?! i quit reading after it mentioned him. hospitals have admitted to committing fraud for the purpose of getting more money. That’s been happening everywhere. There’s one certainty, make that two. Nobody will ever know how many died from this pandemic, and liberals are hoping the country falters for political reasons. We should be hoping everything gets better for everybody, but some folks get giddy with joy over something that might hurt Trump and America. It’s getting quite sickening
  13. There’s always someone trying to rewrite history. Before long the liberals will want it torn down probably. They’ll find something offensive about the statue
  14. The person that wrote that article didn’t even put his name to it. I looked in it, couldn’t find it. He was real proud. He seemed to be anti-mason as well. Lots of misinformation in that article.
  15. If you bow down and worship the Statue of Liberty, then you need to start worrying
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