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  1. A loss could possibly put A&M in a lesser bowl.
  2. So Kansas is as good of a team as Texas? TCU? Texas has way more talent than Iowa State. These games Herman has been outcoached plain and simple. One game it’s the offense, one it’s the defense. All of it falls strictly on him. TEXAS played LSU as close as Bama. Then they need a walk off FG to beat Kansas. You’re starting to sound delusional about all things Texas. Your hatred for them may be getting the best of you.
  3. Those weren’t unrealistic expectations. Those were legit and this Texas team should be no worse than 8-2 right now with the talent they have. They can’t play a complete game to save their lives. The offensive pkaycalling is pathetic. The defensive scheme if fair when everybody is healthy, but they can’t adjust to meet the personnel available at the time. Orlando is plug and play and cross his fingers. This team should’ve beaten Iowa State And TCU. With a lucky bounce could’ve beaten LSU. 9-1 was really possible. You’re Aggy just won’t acknowledge anything decent UT wise. We’ve all already figured that out. Yes, this Texas team has in fact regressed. Just from the LSU game
  4. I’m just about over this staff. They have the talent right now to win this conference. It’s as if they try to make games tougher than they should be
  5. Coach O said the same thing in September. He knew the formation told the qb run. That was in September. Still seeing the same ting in November
  6. Well obviously scheduling patsies for oOC doesn’t hurt you now.
  7. That gun to your head forces one to think about past history as much as this current season. Playoffs shouldn’t be decided on historic differences. They should be picked on this year only.
  8. Maybe I misunderstood you but it sounded like you were saying that if aTm played anybody’ s schedule but their own they’d be top 25.
  9. You said “with any other schedule...”. They don’t play any other. They play the one they have.
  10. I don’t think Campbell would take it. He’s already making more at Iowa State than morris was at Arkansas
  11. Honestly, Les Miles is prolly the best available option and I’m not sure he touches it. Hiring Art Briles would look desperate and slimy. Hugh Freeze won at Ole Miss, but was dirty. That would appear desperate and slimy. Arkansas really shot themselves in the foot
  12. aTm plays their schedule. You can’t pick teams on what if’s!
  13. Problem is one year the committee says conference champs matter and the next they don’t. There should be criteria that stays the same from one year to the next. Conference champs should matter. If not then why have conferences. Have a free for all scheduling and let the committee pick 4. 1. Notre dame must join a conference. Their president shouldn’t get as much input as the conference commissioners. 2. Conferences should all play the same amount of games. 3. No fcs games or independent opponents. Make everybody be in a conference. 4. Must play 2 P5 oOC teams 5. 8 teams in playoff. All P5 conf champs are in. The highest ranked G5 champ is in. Then use the bcs rankings to place the two highest ranked non champ teams in as the 7-8 seeds. 6. Use the old bcs bowls for playoffs. Then have national semis and finals in predesignated locations.
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