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  1. Sec gets to pick their bowl matchups too. Only conference that gets that privilege. And we all know the sec only wins the bowl games they wanted to be in.
  2. How do you tell? By using preseason rankings that are built off of last year’s “successes”? Before a game is being played you’re already arguing SOS! Lol.
  3. Me either, but I do pay attention to what’s being done. You should too
  4. Texas renamed buildings, renamed Joe Jamail Field to Campbell-Williams field in honor of the two Heisman winners, Earl and Ricky. That was done from the suggestion of the Jamail family. A statue of the first black athlete For UT is being Erected as well. Those are the visible changes that were made. Same as Texas?
  5. Same as Texas but you listed nothing. What’d they change?
  6. Doesn’t matter, I’m still cancelling your vote in November
  7. Biden slips his finger inside women that didn’t ask him to. Is that considered sleazy? Or a grabber? Just curious! throw a on this post if you love Trump and think Biden is a Pervy slimeball
  8. In your unbiased opinion, right?! Lol. LSU won’t Go 10-0 with their schedule. aTm WaS mediocre in the Big12. Nothing has changed. Mississippi St, Ole Miss, SCar, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and even auburn are interchangeable. Every now and then when a Dak, Cam, Manzel comes along one of those teams can rise up and make you look, but they’re average programs that benefit from 4 oOC games and scheduling. That’s how you have inflated rankings on teams late in the year every year.
  9. Preseason rankings are squat every year. Top 13 teams? In an inflated preseason ranking? Geez Come on. We’ll actually see some sec teams lose more games than they ever have too. Those 4 oOC games have propped up many 3-5/4-4 conf records and kept teams ranked through the years.
  10. All conferences. Would like to see the marquis games each week. Conferences need to quit allowing fcs games, should have the same amount of conference games across the board, and no more than 1 mid major on schedules.
  11. No, just want to see better football games on the national level.
  12. Bama vs Florida could’ve happened, LSU vs Georgia too
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