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  1. They are prescribing it sure, but the low amounts they’re prescribing has already shown to not be effective. The effective amount against the virus has proven to be toxic in humans. And before you start, yes it is safe for humans, it has been approved for humans, it has rec’d awards yadda yadda. However it has yet to be proven to cure Covid in the low doses they’re prescribing. Don’t take a vaccine if you don’t want it. Just don’t be suprised if you’re depending on ivermectin and still get Covid. It’s not working, it’s called a placebo effect
  2. There’s lots of stuff you haven’t heard about I guess….
  3. I didn’t make the statement, I thought you did. I was just relaying the info that that idea has been debunked
  4. Do you believe severity of illness or likelihood of catching it depends on blood type?….since you were the one wanting “evidence”..
  5. Do you have evidence proving the blood type theory true? I’d like to read it.
  6. You can type what you want to find. You can find what you want. The correct info is out there. You have to sort through it. Do you still believe being type O keeps you from getting Covid? Studies from 4 months ago have shown it doesn’t show and link between the two.
  7. Evidence?? Lol.. you wouldn’t believe it anyway…. Eastern India drs. Same ones that have proven it takes 1500mg of ivermectin to smother Covid 19 in a test tube. you do know that google is a search engine, right?! I’m digging you some info. It might not be from wnd.com though so I doubt you’ll trust it. The blood type rumor came out 10 months to a year ago so I see colmesneil gets their “news” a little late… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X01g3Gyq-_A
  8. The blood type theory has been proven incorrect as well. There have been several studies prove that blood type doesn’t matter.
  9. Your two deep should be able to dominate a Kent state level team even with starters out. It didn’t. That’s why I think you don’t shut Bama’s running game down to less than 100 yds. You were the one boasting your defense was good enough to keep it close with Bama.
  10. I specifically mentioned the rushing yards because your D gave up so much against Kent State. I understand if you’re unwilling to take the bet.
  11. No bet? Aggies won’t keep Bama under 100yds rushing.
  12. So no, you don’t want in on the action, two letter word would’ve saved lots of mumbling.
  13. Since the conversation rose from the Florida/Bama thread let’s look at this. Florida held Bama to 91yds rushing. Your claim is that aTm is good enough defensively to keep it close with Bama. I’ll say there’s no way that aTm holds Bama to less than 100 yds rushing. One month self ban. Take it or leave it
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