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  1. We don’t have reporters anymore, we have analyst with opinions. The truth is typically left out to push agendas, both sides
  2. Constitutional is the best. I’d take a full panel of conservatives over liberals. Liberals aren’t typically constitutionalists. When the scotus is full of liberals you can kiss this country goodbye. The constitution will become Toilet Paper
  3. You like seeing our country swirl obviously
  4. If you’re okay with looking stupid, then sure, leave it there.
  5. I know what you thought you were doing, but you’re too dumb to know it wasn’t funny at all. Thus you ended up looking stupid
  6. There’d be civil actions from the perp’s family afterwards, that’s the reason i wouldn’t shoot. That and knowing I’d have to deal with taking a life. I would shoot if they were in my house or attacking my family
  7. While I disagree with flying a Nazi flag, the person has the right to defend their property. I personally wouldn’t shoot someone over theft, but that would be my decision only. Now if they were attempting to attack me or my family, boom
  8. It’s ok you misspelled the word once. You should try spellcheck before you post. Then you won’t look stupid. I know what you think you were doing, but you failed to do it.
  9. I have to, it’s so funny to see how wrong they are sometimes
  10. Missing such simple concepts but spells one word two different ways
  11. You’re the one that typed it Karen
  12. Of course you’ll try to play it off AFTER it’s brought to your attention. I’d play it off too if I looked that stupid (or is it stoopid?)
  13. Torn down or not, they were trespassing, imbecile( check that spelling for me. I’ve seen it spelled two different ways today)
  14. No, bev would hide in their safe space hoping a liberal politician will save them. He’s for the party that wants to defund the police so there’s no sense in dialing 911
  15. You spelled it two different ways, bless your heart
  16. You do, you pay taxes where you chose to live. If you don’t like paying taxes to entities where you live, move to a places where your tax dollars will go to entities you like.
  17. Sounds like wishful thinking on somebody’s part
  18. Oh boy, you got the eye roll!!!! You really done it this time
  19. You always talk about baiting and leading questions. You’re doing the same thing with your assumptions. Sad times are when people don’t have anything better to do than to find decent folks to bother
  20. Beat me to it. The liberals didn’t think about that. Poor dummies
  21. Ever hear of smoking them out? You can’t be that stupid can you? You sound just like all the women on a Lifetime movie, run upstairs when the mean man gets after you. Going upstairs would be making the joke on the liberals.
  22. Who cares?! Protestors were exercising their right to gather and protest (even though they were trespassing) and the landowners exercised their 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Did anybody get shot?
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