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  1. I have no explanation for Center's poor performance last week or the week before. Inexperience is about all I can come up with. The majority of kids on this team (in case you didn't know, most of our players are juniors) could count the number of times they've gotten beat on one hand before this season started. And I want to say they've only lost to Carthage once since they've been playing. I guess its just a matter of taking their licks and getting better as they go. They've got an offense that can hang with anybody. Their defense has some soft spots, and I'm sure Surratt and co. w
  2. LK's QB is probably one of the most impressive runners I have ever seen play high school football, and considering how many "great" high school runningbacks I played against, (LaMichael James, Matthew Tucker, Dwight Smith, etc.) that's really saying something. If he stays healthy, he is going to be an absolute beast in college. Anytime he is on the field they have a chance to score, LK has to potential to hang with/beat any team they play, it just depends on how much help the QB gets from his supporting cast.
  3. So Arp is running the Veer now huh? That should make things interesting... Center is a younger team this year, the talent level is still up there though. Alot of these kids are just starting to get a feel for the speed of Varsity football. I do like the fact that Arp is running the veer, Rusk ran it pretty effectively against them and it will be a good test to see how this defense handles it a second time. But when it comes to Center's offense, I'd say they are quite a bit better than last year. The running game is much improved, I really like our backs this year. The passing g
  4. Today, a friend, former teamate, and someone whom I consider a brother, J'von Jones, was diagnosed with lukemia. He is a fighter, and I know he will make it through this and go on to more successful things in life, but I would just like to ask for the thoughts and prayers of the SDC community right now... I have yet to get the complete story, but I will post updates as soon as I receive them...
  5. yes it is true, next season the RoughRiders will be playing on a brand new turf field, construction will begin after soccer season is over...
  6. Any chance that Christine Micheal is back for this game? LSU has a good pass defense, but their run defense isn't as good. Gray will have a big game. IMO A&M needs to find a way to get Jeff Fuller invovled in the game if they want to win.
  7. Did anybody see little McCoy play in the state championship game vs Carthage??? I wasn't impressed at all. The Morgan kid from Carthage out played him from every aspect you could think of. When I left that game the only thing I thought about him was that he was just getting to go to Texas because of Colt's accomplishments. I would not have been a happy camper if A&M had actually wasted a scholarship on him.
  8. The only loss that somewhat bothers me on defense is Von Miller. The others really aren't that talented they just do their good enough to let the play makers like Miller excel. We've got 2 young guys in Johnathon Stewart (soph) and Andrew Weaver (FR) who both fit the mold of what the Aggies look for in their "joker" position. But they won't come in and have the same impact that Miller has. I expect that Demontre Moore will be the dominant pass rusher on the Aggie defense next season. So we'll be alright. Really when you get to looking at the roster there just aren't that many
  9. 14 pt difference and the reason OU lost is because they were on the road? ummm o.k. If A&M had gone to Norman and lost by 14 you still wouldn't see any way that A&M could pull a win if they had played at Kyle field. But because its OU and they have a history of being good, they should just get that BOTD? Naahhh I don't think so buddy. You know, I guess y'all can say what y'all want to about doubting that A&M has turned the corner. Thats fine. I really don't see the any validity in that statement considering A&M has 19 starters returning. Wishful thinking maybe?
  10. This is really retarded. I don't get the whining about something that keeps the A&M - UT rivalry strong. The whole point is that texas is A&M's biggest rival, and you don't show any respect to your rival. I know I know, all you Texas fans are above the rivalry with "A&M" and ou is the "real" rival of texas, but so friggin what... y'all are recently alot better at football than A&M has been. If you want to be above the rivalry then fine. Do as you please. But IMO, rivalries are what makes watching sports fun, and I am gonna participate. Sorry if that hurts your feelings.
  11. Whatever dude, A&M is a well known university as well, if you don't like the tradtions there, well I guess you can continue to complain about it, but nobody cares. You can keep your "professionalism" I'll just be an a good ol aggie fan.
  12. Its gonna be a good game. We get to see what Tannehill is really made of this week. A&M is gonna have to get Jeff Fuller involved if they want to win though.
  13. I agree... A&M is doing a pretty awesome job getting all they can out of their guys. I'll take a group of 3 star recruits who play their hearts out and go 100% on every play over a team full of 5 star recruits who don't care and play half *** any day of the week.
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