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  1. White Oak Junior RHP Elijah Trest...Arkansas commit
  2. Will be some really good pitching matchups
  3. Racer..u know u don't tip your hand on the health report..C'mon man
  4. Winner will get Sunnyvale or Farmersville in round 3
  5. I look for both teams to have some success in the passing game. WO wins 34-21
  6. WO in great shape at the QB position for the next few years...Hood then Sumrow...pretty good ones right there
  7. 3A D1 Reg 2. 1. Sunnyvale 2. White Oak (with Hood at QB) 3. Mineola 4. Madison 5. Grandview. Honorable Mention: Pottsboro, Jefferson, Kemp
  8. Who will WO face in round 1? I know Pottsboro and Sunnyvale and likely rd 2 and 3 opponents. Just gotta grind and survive till Hood returns.
  9. Another game for the fans of these two towns to keep an eye on is Dallas Madison and Grandview . 2nd round matchup implications.
  10. White Oak is a state title contender folks
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