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  1. Four medals out of the three relays from District 14-AAAA. Atlanta boys with gold in the 4x100 and silver in the 4x200. Liberty-Eylau girls with double gold in the 4x200 and 4x400, just missing the state record in the 4x400 by .2 seconds. Second fastest 4x400 girls time ever in 4A. Also had the second fastest time in the state in the 4x100 when they false started at district.
  2. Uh oh......hide your phone codes if this happens!
  3. God's foreknowledge and causation are the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNBYYszufxs
  4. Yeah.....THAT'S what will limit the applicants!
  5. It's official. And I know all involved will be shocked, but it's NOT Kerry Strong.
  6. Like I said, It is Baby Bell's job to lose!
  7. It's sweet, too. It's hornet blue with a T-top. It has a bumber sticker that says "I Blocked For Heisman Winner Billy Sims"
  8. He is too busy keeping the Fouke Monster at bay!
  9. Not sure what year you are thinking of but no L-E boys team the past decade should have or could have won one of the regional tournaments they were in. Care to refresh everyone's memory as to what year and game that was?
  10. Nope. Sorry. I would love to see them pull it off, but I wouldn't put this Paris team in the top ten of non-metroplex schools in that regional tournament in the last ten years honestly. And a game with either Madison or Triple won't be close.
  11. Avery visitor side is SMALL! If Chapel Hill's girls are playing that will take some of their crowd away, but they travel well. Hooks probably will with it right down the road.
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