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  1. Sometimes fans update as game is going on. Was just curious
  2. Just didn't see any updates from y'all in the 2nd half
  3. I'm always gonna go for my Indians no matter what
  4. He kicked a 51 yarder against Troup a few weeks ago
  5. Prayers chain. You got it. Beat it again! Heard our JH boys put up 7 tds in their scrimmage against Timpson this evening.
  6. Patterns are meant to be broken. Taking my Indians. We looked real good through 3 quarters last night. #FeartheSpear #IndianNation
  7. What was the final? I had to leave after the 3rd quarter
  8. We've split the last 2 years. We beat them at their place and they beat us last year at ours.
  9. Indians take this one. #fearthespear. Our boys will be ready to play!
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