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  1. I think East Chambers is a good team as well but I’m not sold on them winning Region 3. They just do not have a signature win under their belt. If I’m not mistaken EC will possibly see the 2nd seed of District 11 in round two. They will get tested there.
  2. East Chambers is the big dog in District 10 and they will move through Bi-District with no problem. The 2-4 seeding will be determined this week between Anahuac, Buna, Woodville, and possibly Kirbyville. All of those teams are about equal and comparable to most of the District 9 teams. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 2-2 split in the Bi-District round between Districts 9 and 10.
  3. Yes as much as I would like to see Huntington succeed, it was nice to see Elkhart get their first win after a disappointing season.
  4. Yep Elkhart beat Huntington, Trinity beat Westwood, and Coldspring beat Crockett. I went 0-3 on these pickem’s. Now Diboll and Coldspring play for the District Championship and the 1 and 2 seeds. Crockett and Trinity play for the 3 and 4 seed.
  5. I see Westwood winning this week as well to setup a win and your in with Huntington. I just do not see Trinity beating Crockett in week 11 to change that scenario.
  6. I hope I’m wrong but I just do not see any District 9 teams making it past round 2 right now. I see the winner of District 11 taking Region 3. However I wouldn’t be surprised to see East Chambers pull it out. Nothing against District 12 but Rockdale and Yoe usually find another gear during the playoffs.
  7. What an exciting game! Even if my team wasn’t playing I’d want to see this. Can’t beat a top 10 playoff matchup.
  8. Yes good job District 11!!! Coldspring hung in there to the end. Hope we fair just as well against in the 2nd round!
  9. Haha..Malakoff did not call the dogs (or tigers) off in this one. That flag plant last year really made them mad.
  10. That’s right...he also called my hometown commies for having a red light camera. Honestly I actually look forward to hearing his picks (or guesses) each week.
  11. Yeah Crockett is a good team and I was nervous coming into the game off a bye week, but Diboll put together a solid 2nd half to put them away. This should be a good game between Crockett and Franklin.
  12. Haha..for what it’s worth I’ve got Atlanta winning!
  13. Crockett has the athleticism to hang with just about anyone, but I’m not sure how 23-10 at the half and 43-10 final was closer than it seemed. Anyways, I think Crockett’s speed will give Franklin trouble in the passing game but I’m not sure Crockett will have much success running the ball. Good luck to y’all!!!
  14. Coldspring can secure the #4 seed with a win over Westwood. If Westwood wins then Elkhart would get the #4 seed. Like Ballwatch said, Crockett vs Franklin is the best game this week in District 11. Diboll has secured the #1 seed win or lose against Trinity.
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