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  1. Hooks 20 to 7. Start of the 4th
  2. 20 to 7 Hooks half way thru the 3rd
  3. Gladewarer for sure. NB is getting better with the program that is in place but GW is out of reach
  4. Hooks is struggling on both side of the ball. Don’t know if they will be able to salvage the year. Starting QB is out with a broken. The lost their OLine. Along with most their skill players to graduation and just can’t get those holes filled yet. Still early
  5. MV is a good team for sure. Hooks played with no emotion. MV and the state finals at this point is still what I consider way to early to call
  6. Seem to be moving at half speed. The lack of a lot of contact because of Covid May played a part. They are better than they showed. The O line has new faces. They have size but not a lot of playing time at the varsity level. They will either have it by dist play or
  7. Family members living in the same house can group. They should have proportional. You can never the city fathers and their families of course. The bad thing the real fans that haven’t missed a game win or lose may be out of luck. Teams may want to use larger stadiums in their area if the district can afford it
  8. No school is going to place too many additional restrictions. I think they have to show up to practice for sure and if they really want to show up or be on a conditioning program to reduce the chance of injury. It helps to avoid pine time when you can’t stand up at the end of the first. Class Room time and learning will be optional
  9. I got one bad and one good comment. I challenge each of you to do a bit of reading and learn from the past. Lots of history out there. It always puts good against evil. If you can’t afford books most people have a Bible. Start with the Old Testament. Most written history follows it pretty closely. Nothing stays the same. Empires and countries come and go. The US is a babe compared to other societies. Our ability to overcome issues is remarkable. Let the Masses decide their fate as far as the city. Not the city council .
  10. Horrible things have happened through out mans time on this earth. It seems to run in cycles. Evil folks in control have one thing in common. They burn books and most of all try to erase history. How many kids in today's schools have heard of the holocaust. I suspect only a few. Evil comes in cycles. Erasing history leaves us as a human race (Black, White, Indian, etc) more apt to go thru the same thing in later years. Embrace history and keep it alive so the generations following understand the evil yet to come.History should be kept alive to act to prevent future human disasters
  11. The majority of people are simple minded in some ways. They listen to a familiar face on TV and believe every thing they say. Many worship the movie stars and other artist and actually think their opinion is at a higher level than other Americans. Science is only pulled in to show a little piece of the picture and is never broadcast in totality
  12. The kids should go to school and play their sports. More and more studies are being done word wide and the science and numbers don’t Ly. This is a terrible and is deadly to some high risk groups. We know who we are and need to responsible for our on safety. Some educators fall in this high risk groups. 99 % of school kids do not. Pre conditions such as asthma pose exceptions even in kids and need to be handled By exception
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