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  1. One thing for sure if the stadiums are full COVID 19 will spread. I would think high risk folks would stay away. I am 66 and the CDC considers me high risk. I have no other conditions I know of. I figure before district all the fans would have had it and build some sort of Herd amunity. Sorry for the bad spelling. Realistically the fan base would be good to go the rest of the year. This has science behind it at all. Being born in the mid 50’s chicken pox followed the same pattern
  2. Still seems to be a lot of angles worked. I don’t Think they will cancel but I don’t think any of the season will look anything like normal. Better play in the fall or it will most likely won’t happen
  3. The boys are off next week. Recon they get to start back the week after? Stuff is getting bad State wide.
  4. There are those at high risk no matter what age. The older folks which I am one of are always high risk whether it be Covid 19 or any of the many strains of the flu. The death rate is always higher for my age group. Many more wile catch this virus. Most will be fine. Each of us know our risk and We are responsible to take care of ourselves. The economy has to open up. There are risk and people will get sick. At the end of it all I figure about the same amount will get sick and die any way we go. I think the lock down is just kicking the can down the road and destroying our economy. Fact is without a medical break thru the quicker we all get it the sooner it will go away. Kind of like the flu every year. I don’t want anyone to get sick for sure.i want this man altered disease to do its thing and leave
  5. I know the data is not complete but how is the death rate tracking with this years type a and B flu. All the virues target the same demographic group. The data will be skewed because most folks with the flu tend to ride it out at home and were never tested. The only real numbers are those with severe cases and the number of deaths. The same thing can be said about Corvus-19. Most cases mild cases will be rode out at home and never documented. I am not in anyway a care giver but I do understand numbers. The flu is a yearly occurrence so our nation has come to expect it as a way of life and in most cases life goes on. We have vaccines but they in most years are not very effective. Basically a guessing game on what flu will show up. I think this year was considered on the high side at only 30% match. So are the experts expecting a higher ratio of deaths from Corvid-19 than that of the flue. How many deaths are a result of the flu so fare this year. The flu is still around from what I have read and is expected to continue thru June. Oh! I for one take the guidance putout by the CDC. I suspect the same guidance should have been put out during the flu seaso but was not. If you know the percentages of both the flu and C-19 post them. Be safe all
  6. How you doing friend. See you still doing the research
  7. Why would they. They both do better smaller. They would not compete well together in the larger classifications. IMO. NL is not the only school that has broke from Paris ISD. Chism and PL also draw kids from Paris. All however have country roots
  8. One of us old timers.
  9. She was really a true Winny fan. Both boys and girls. A fun opponent on Smoaky. Prayers for her family. RIP Big Red
  10. It is getting hard for Clarksville to match up with good 4A schools now. I know it’s basketball but their snapshot number was117 kids total in HS. Do pretty good considering their size. If Red Rivers 4 schools consolidated you would only have a average 3A D1 school
  11. Seen a lot of great games. Be hard to pick one.
  12. They had the Smoaky jail time to back it up. Great bunch
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