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  1. It is ok. It has been updated to turf. Easy to get to from Hooks. LOL
  2. Forty for most folks but close for sure. Big enough for Most 3A D2 playoff games. Don’t see many playoff games due to location. I would never have guessed the game would be played in Atlanta
  3. Hooks only has a couple that use smoaky. EFs will have to tell us where the game will be played. Hard to hear anything
  4. I don’t know where the “ no how” came from
  5. Hope the Bulls take it but I don’t expect it no hi
  6. 62 to 21 Hooks. 39 to 0 at half time
  7. Good question. A lot of kids have no signs of being sick. Not even a runny nose.
  8. I hate this but it is what it is. Carthage would be heavy favorite for sure. I hope COVID doesn’t end up completely watering the playoffs down. The coaches really have to stay involved in what the kids and even the parents do after hours. Seems some parents are even getting a little lax.
  9. I think this will be the game to watch if both teams bring their A game. Too close for me to pick. Best to both teams
  10. Chisum has a well coached team. Their issue is team speed. Kids are plenty tough and seem to play with a lot of heart. Not many speedsters on the field however
  11. Haven’t see Troup. Hooks has improved every game since the beginning of Dist. Play. If Hooks plays up to the talent they have they should represent the Dist well. Good luck Hornets.
  12. Good games Tigers. I think that means you are the Dist first seed. Not sure where the other three teams stand. I assume the district ended up in a three way tie. Hooks beat PL 62 to 24. The second half the clock was left running. Not sure what happened in the PP/RW game as far as the score but I am sure PP won. Who plays who next week
  13. College town. Too many liberals.
  14. Chisum plays hard but they have no team speed. Daingerfield will have receivers open all night
  15. The Tigers will win if they are healthy. Last week was terrible as far as penalties for both teams. Can’t afford games like that in the playoffs
  16. Hooks had a wake up call against PP. The Hornets went into half time with a big lead. When they started the 3rd they thought the game was won and they lost their focus. When DF came out and scored the 1st series of the 3rd I feared the worst. Unlike what happened during the PP game they got them selves together and were able to pull out a win. Loseing can be a wake up call
  17. Could mean u run the score up on really weak teams. Lol
  18. Hooks won their D1 Dist last year. Lost a lot but are getting it together when it counts. I knew this would be a close game. Wasn’t too sure who would Win until the end of the final play with no time on the clock. Nobody has a bad game at this point. Opponents generally have something to do with. Hooks was pretty beat up and still kept it close. Their D bent but played well enough to take the win. Both teams played sloppy as far as penalties. Way too many this late in the season
  19. Both played a bit sloppy. Lots of penalties on both sides. Must have been the change in the weather. Hooks stayed in the DF backfield and it looked to take DF out of their game. Their D gave Hooks heck also. These are the two best teams in Dist. Tonight. Next week it starts all over. I hope both teams reload for next weeks games. You can’t take any team for granted in this dist. I suspect the top 3 will remain the same after next week. DF will most likely be the top seed in a three way tie for dist. Hooks has to beat PL before they can beat their chest
  20. Any updates. Hks 7 DK 7 at the half
  21. Please update. Hooks 7 DK 7. At the half
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