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  1. Our loss to the LH Panthers was in 2007. No one other than maybe the team itself thought Gilmer would even make it to state that year, much less win it.
  2. 2006 Buckeyes were the top-ranked team the entire year after GJ Kinne moved in to be QB and then Liberty-Eylau, which went on to win state, pulled the shocking upset in bi-district. The 2013 Gilmer team was also very capable of winning state, but ran into nemesis Argyle in the third round. Very glad Gilmer and Argyle will never meet up again. The Eagles had our number except for 2012.
  3. I enjoyed the "regal rant" and I'm glad I got to read it before some moderator banished it to the political forum.
  4. It was the "STFU and get out of the way" phrase. That's pretty much the way kings operate.
  5. That reads like a plea for a return to monarchy.
  6. Pleasant Grove program is obviously on a mission from God to dominate 4AD2 (and D1 if they ever move up) for as long as Gibson is there. Something's gotta give. At this point, I think you have to say the Hawks have the Buckeyes' number. But it remains to be seen if they can take down Carthage year after year the way they've been doing to Gilmer.
  7. Bill Gates never played football. This will go on until all of humanity agrees or is forced to take his vaccinations. Well, you anti-vaxxers can refuse, but then you can never come out of your house. And if you've already lost your house because of not being able to work, you'll be taken to the internment camps. This is his "Revenge of the Nerds" on all jocks. < /sarcasm> (I hope)
  8. You are both right and wrong. With "social distancing" guidelines in effect, the offenses should be able to score on every play. But no one will ever have to punt.
  9. If no one is allowed at sporting events, what makes anyone think people should be able to stand in long lines at polling stations? IOW, if the contagion of the virus is still evident in the fall, there won't be an election. It would be a threat to public health. There is not enough time to enact the state-by-state legislation to be able to implement mail-in balloting in all states. Only a handful of states conduct elections by mail at this point.
  10. I am actually hoping we gain so many students that we move up to Division I, which is now the weaker division of 4A.
  11. I can confirm that I have heard the same thing. Gilmer's opening a new $35 million high school this year. I am sure quite a few new students will be enrolling there in coming years.
  12. I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but I can get both the Tyler-Longview and Shreveport FOX channels with an indoor Mohu Leaf 50 antenna here in Gilmer. I can reliably pull in 26 channels. Would probably get even more with an outside one. Interestingly, it still works just as well even after the amplifier went out. I didn't pay that price for it. You can find it on other sites cheaper than that.
  13. Wimberley is going to have to win several more state championships so that people will not leave out that second 'e.' Even if they win Friday, the spelling disrespect will continue. There's your incentive to go on a dynastic run, Texans.
  14. Basically, they've already won it. The next two games are mere formalities. Only chance those opponents have would be if the Hawks failed to show up at the appointed day and time.
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