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  1. Why is the game in Texarkana again? That's where it was last year.
  2. Hmmm. What might have changed in 2015?
  3. Brent Goudarzi was in attendance and is the only person I personally know who has enough bread to match his current salary. I think he always planned to go into college coaching, though. You can't go home again and all that.
  4. You won by a fairly good margin in 2017, but the woodshed game was 2018. That was Gilmer's worst margin of defeat since the 1970s. https://etsn.fm/carthage-throttles-gilmer-66-14/
  5. I like the stadium down there. My only complaint was that the Henderson band was obscuring a clear view of the videoboard. It reminded me of 2011 IIRC when they decided to sit behind the south end zone at Buckeye Stadium. I remember Jeff Traylor being livid about that. Speaking of past Gilmer-Henderson games, this never gets old. R.I.P. Coach Meeks BTW.
  6. I call "sandbagging" on this one. Only 11 can play on each side. Plus, it is supposed to be relatively cool by Friday night. Any advantage Argyle has from depth is offset by PG's home field advantage. MaxPreps' power rating of PG (highest in all of 4A and 12th highest in the state) is five points above Carthage's and 11 points above Argyle's (if it's any consolation, the Eagles do have the highest rating in Division I, two points above Lampasas). PG is the clear favorite. An upset would be rather shocking, I would say. In fact, in any game they play other than the Carthage one, that
  7. The Texarkana weather Friday night may pleasantly surprise you, according to the latest Shreveport Office NWS forecast. Friday A 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, with a high near 82. Friday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 67.
  8. Gilmer ISD is significantly larger in territory than Gladewater ISD and also has a higher population from which to draw students. The moment in history when Gilmer's district ballooned in size was in 1968 when it absorbed East Mountain ISD in a bitterly-contested consolidation election.
  9. Friday, August 21. Scrimmage is here against Terrell.
  10. Is Gladewater okay with that, though? The home team decides on who can and cannot stream, as I understand it. One guy supposedly in the know told me that Gilmer was going to use Vimeo for the livestream, although it would be using the same ETEX feed, but that ETEX would not be livestreaming over their access channel and that their feed would air the next day to all their cable subscribers as always. He said the price to view the game live would be the same as a game ticket.
  11. The two schools need to get the livestream issue hammered out pretty soon if they won't move it to Longview.
  12. I think Nashville should go ahead and scrap this game. Then find out who scheduled the Texas state champion and fire that individual.
  13. Terrell replaces Pine Tree as the second scrimmage opponent. First home game will still be against Lindale on Sept. 18, according to the schedule I have.
  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/07/08/coronavirus-trump-threatens-to-cut-school-funding-slams-cdc-reopening-guidelines.html Why is everyone ignoring what the President has been saying for weeks and repeated in an interviewed with Chris Wallace aired Sunday? Anything other than in-person classes and you as a public school district lose the 10 percent of funding that comes from the federal government. I thought this area was very friendly to Trump and took his word on things. My county voted 82.5 percent for him in 2016. I had no idea all the districts around here were so flush with r
  15. If the season can't begin until September, does that mean the games scheduled for the last week of August are canceled or will the schedule remain the same with everything postponed? I know the new Gladewater coach had his heart set on upsetting Gilmer in his first game just as Jeff Traylor upset Louvier's Bears in 2000 in his first game as Gilmer coach.
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