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  1. yeah i was thinking wrong lol. guess I was thinking Argyle instead of carthage. Then Lampasas lost yesterday anyway lol
  2. I think Lampasas can give them a game in the finals. Still think Carthage wins though
  3. anyone know where to find the overall head to head record between LE and PG? Max preps only has 14 games between the two but I feel like they have played more than 14 times. In those 14 is shows LE has won 9 of them
  4. completely false. the gilmer receiver for multiple plays was grabbing the LE corner by the face mask and not letting him get up after the play. They started going back and forth at each other for multiple plays because of that. Both of them started going at it against each other.
  5. Atlanta gets their first W of the year
  6. this one is always a coin flip... regardless of how good or bad these teams are when they meet. This is always an exciting game to see. Hoping both teams come out injury free and ready to roll on. I'll be rooting for the rabbs in the rest of their games after this one
  7. After the way last season went, LE should come out of the gate hungry to get that first win. That, combined with Henderson losing so much to graduation could make for a perfect scenario for the Leopards to start 1-0. Only downfall for LE is that they were not able to get a scrimmage in.
  8. Henderson @ Liberty Eylau Week 1
  9. Carthage beat LE 5-1 last night. A couple miscues cost the Leopards 4 runs over the first 2 innings. Settled down after that and played a 1-1 ballgame the rest of the way. Carthage put 3 very quality arms on the mound
  10. 7 wins lol. And were 3 outs away from sweeping Kilgore in the 1st round. Weird season. The Leopards are 3-0 right now though
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