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  1. Hope Gilmer keeps it close to make it more fun to watch but I think Carthage pulls away something like 41-20
  2. I got some now. It kept showing me no tickets all morning but they just reappeared lol
  3. What’s the story on tickets for this game? The seat geek link doesn’t show any tickets available?
  4. dont know which way to lean in this one... but I think a lot of points will be scored
  5. yeah i was thinking wrong lol. guess I was thinking Argyle instead of carthage. Then Lampasas lost yesterday anyway lol
  6. I think Lampasas can give them a game in the finals. Still think Carthage wins though
  7. anyone know where to find the overall head to head record between LE and PG? Max preps only has 14 games between the two but I feel like they have played more than 14 times. In those 14 is shows LE has won 9 of them
  8. completely false. the gilmer receiver for multiple plays was grabbing the LE corner by the face mask and not letting him get up after the play. They started going back and forth at each other for multiple plays because of that. Both of them started going at it against each other.
  9. Atlanta gets their first W of the year
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