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  1. I figured he would get the job, people around there really liked seem to like him.
  2. Academy over Shelbyville 62-60, very impressed with the Academy team in this tournament
  3. 104.9 Cross Roads was at 144, unfortunately not an option at the moment. The number does put then in div 2 this time, so maybe that could help them out
  4. I guess related to this topic, how do yall feel about a band leaving the game after halftime??I've seen some schools do this more than once, when I asked why they said they had a contest the next day. Let me just say the atmosphere of the game completely changed when they where gone.
  5. You can find most of the scores here at the end of each day, pretty good at keeping up with all of them, you just got to fill out the bracket https://www.hoopinsider.net/post/4a1a-dec-2729-tournaments-9962714
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but the way I see it is Garrison, Joaquin and Tenaha are in. The fourth team would then come down to be.... Beckville with a win against Timpson Or Timpson with a win against Beckville AND a Tenaha win over LK Or LK with a win over Tenaha AND a Timpson win over Beckville.... The way Beckville has been playing lately I'm going to say Garrison, Joaquin, Tenaha, and Beckville
  7. Tenaha has the following Troup @Lovelady Tyler TK Gorman San Augustine Timpson @Beckville Bye Harleton @Garrison Joaquin @Linden-Kildare
  8. Very nice gyms you mention, however, Tatum is currently within region 2, Central Heights same issue as SFA, northern border of the region, so wouldn't be centrally located to the rest of the schools, now, Crocket would probably work. How they picked the best central location I'm not sure.
  9. From my understanding it has to do with the shifting of the regions, when the tournament was at SFA and TJC those venues were centrally located within region 3 at the time. Now, the old region 3 got split with about half of the team's going to region 2, and half staying in 3. The central Texas schools in region 3 used to be in region 1. I think the southernmost schools used to be in region 4. TJC is now within region 2, so it wouldn't make sense, SFA is towards the northern edge of region 3. Not too many central locations in the region available to host the tournament either.
  10. This would make region 3 a little more interesting, going by last year's enrollment numbers though hopefully the cutoff goes up a little or Tenaha could be going div 1 come realignment.
  11. Executive orders are not laws
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