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  1. Touchdown Gilmer. Now winning 43-17. This coming after a personal foul penalty on Celina after a Gilmer punt.
  2. After a very slow start, NOW we're playing Buckeye football Interception Gilmer
  3. And that's game. Great job Gilmer. Let's do it again next week.
  4. Touchdown Jasper 50-21 Gilmer with 2:59 to play
  5. Gilmer delivering a message to the rest of class 4A Div II. 50-14 with 6:37 left in the 4th.
  6. Once again, Gilmer defense holds on 4th and one. Two weeks in a row and this Gilmer defense has shown up and shown out
  7. And once again going for the throat, Gilmer TD. 10:29 left and Gilmer leads 43-14 now.
  8. Gilmer with another defensive stop. 1st and 10 on Jasper 27 yard line
  9. Start of 4th quarter. Gilmer 36 Jasper 14 3rd and 8 on their own 23 yard line
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