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  1. Freaky was present when EB played EF in the semis, think he was their fullback.
  2. Congrats Blue Tigers, way to represent District 11!
  3. Well the 7 on 7 District All Stars beat the Dallas Cowboys in a warm up before football season started, but I don’t know if you’d count that or not! And that ain’t really saying much I guess if you do count it!
  4. He must be a pretty good baseball hand if he’s playing for the Bandito’s
  5. One of you computer guys need to do a complete matrix on this. Break out the MS Excel program and really tell the whole story from year to year. HS football prognosticators needs to know!
  6. I’ll be the one wearing orange sitting on the Hemphill side, lol!
  7. That’s right, I bleed green and orange, it looks like a nightmare anytime I cut my finger!
  8. Hemphill has had 21 playoff appearances in their history, EF has had 60, just a little playoff trivia!
  9. That’s what a guy who was a ref last year told me
  10. Still check in from time to time, I’m in East Texas laying pipelines for the time being Wild, and don’t really have a dog in the hunt anymore since my kids graduated. Would love to see EF make a run to get my interest perked up a little but doubt it will happen anytime soon. Used to love doing a play by play but it’s hard to do any details with folks posting every time there’s a score change. Don’t blame them, their excited I guess, it’s just depressing to tell a story when someone gives away the ending before you post how they got there, lol! I got where I do them from the radio broadcast cau
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