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  1. I highly recommend Dr. Shane Barton In Shreveport, he used to be the New England Patriots surgeon, he did my son’s shoulder, and several other family members and friends. Hope your son doesn’t need him but Dr. Barton’s the best if he does.
  2. Yep, can’t believe EF has made all the extra points, must seen my post from last game, lol!
  3. EF QB took off on a 70 yard run with no time on the clock and got tackled at the 1 yard line short of scoring to end the half.
  4. Mine froze for the last 5 minutes of the EF vs Paul Pewitt game last night, talk about having a meltdown. Glad I could follow it on SDC!
  5. Thanks for calling it out the end Jett, I lost my feed with about 5 minutes left and I was raising cane about it! Great game Brahmas, awesome come back Jackets!
  6. Dang I would have give a $100 to have heard those announcers!
  7. EF had a miracle on this field in 2007
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