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  1. What a great season you're having and I hope you go all the way! You girls are doing a wonderful job and so are your coaches. It's been 5 years and 375 miles, but I still follow your accomplishments. Best of luck today and (hopefully) next week! - one of your former coaches
  2. Congrats Coach Bowman! Knew they picked the right man for the job. Enjoyed working with you before, maybe we can do it again some time. Take a couple of weeks off and get to work in January on the repeat...lol!
  3. not as much as you think in the smaller schools. with the state going to 4x4, the smaller schools are having to load up on math/science teachers who can teach a lot of sections. these teachers may not be able to have slots in their schedules for jh and hs athletics (1a/2a level). quite a few of the smaller schools are hurting for people to fill coaching openings due to $ and position availibility. I bet that that there are opportunities out there were non-traditional teaching role coaching, depending on where you're willing to go and what you're willing to coach.
  4. that's true. in order to coach at a public school, you just need to be a full time employee. apparently, even being a full time substitute teacher counts. UIL had to pass a rule that allowed baseball coaches who were full time substitute teachers to have the ability to continue coaching in the playoffs after the school year ended. don't know how many days you'd have to sub a week/month in order for that to work, but its apparently possible.
  5. many schools in west texas don't have volleyball :thumbsup:
  6. the revolving door spins pretty fast over at Hubbard. staff calling tree there is written in pencil.
  7. congrats on a great start to your season!
  8. congrats to bullard if the score holds out. really big win for the program!
  9. Stratford 17, Canadian 7 canadian had 5 turnovers tonight...
  10. sounds like a great deal for a special cause. wish we could come, but we're way too far away. best of luck and god bless.
  11. Congrats Ryan! BTW: How does the AD of a school district determine how Little Dribblers money would be used? Don't they have their own association and everything?
  12. a phone call shouldn't be expected. form letter would be acceptable, but would cost postage and a little bit of time. with email addresses, it wouldn't take long at all. email is free as well.
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