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  1. Yourwrong, forgive me, I was indeed wrong. I misread your post and thought you said Ruth did the most with the least LAST year. My mistake. As for this year, I knew they didn't have very much coming back and was very much impressed with what they were able to accomplish with such a young team. Your correct about PP too. They've come a long way in the last few years. It wasn't too long ago and they went O-fer, I believe.
  2. Thoughts and prayers go to his family. On a side note, Does he have a twin brother?
  3. If I understand your question, he transferred from Michigan to UofA, thus having to sit out a year. I DON'T THINK there's a rule preventing him from red-shirting, based on the fact that he did not redshirt his freshman year, but I'm not positive on this. Whether he broke his thumb or not has no implications on his eligibility, it's purely the transfer. The waiver that they're talking about is UofA trying to petition the NCAA to overlook his transfer and allow him to play, but it has nothing to do with his thumb. Hope that answered your question. If it didn't, or I was wrong, I'm sure I will be
  4. How did Ruth have little to work with? He had 11 seniors (I think). 1 & 2 pitchers were solid, and they had numerous other kids that could throw if needed. As a team, they hit the ball well. DF and NB both were relatively young teams. Hooks, on the otherhand, was a very mature team. I think Hooks was a very good team last year with lots of talent and experience that peaked at the right time.
  5. Where can I find this umpire's report?
  6. NB shouldn't necessarily be a sure thing though should they? If they lose game 2 and game 3, they're facing 2 losses and sitting at home, right? Should that situation happen, winner of game 1 would end up winning game 2, thus sitting 2-0 and 2nd place. Should the loser of game 1 beat NB in game 3, then they are 1-1 and 3rd seed and NB goes home 0-2. I wouldn't think NB winning the coin flip gives them a free ticket to the playoffs.
  7. Good point. How are they going to decide who plays who and such? Round Robin or what? That could make a big difference as well.
  8. Wow! LK, DF, and NB I presume? I'd have to give the edge to LK due to pitching, and DF just because they've come on as of late and beat NB both times. Where will they play?
  9. A couple of years ago, wasn't there some talk about them starting a program from Jr. High up? Did that fall through? 17-AA will be a dog fight this year, especially for the number 3 spot. LK, HS, and QC will all be right in the mix for that one. This year's QC team has as much potential, especially in the skilled positions, as any team they've had come through possibly since '01. Great kids, work ethic, and team chemistry.
  10. I think things were getting a little crazy for the 3rd spot? How'd it end up?
  11. I didn't see the game but I think it might be a little much to solely blame the coach for blowing a lead. They aren't the ones fielding the ball and we all know baseball is a funny game, where momentum can shift at any moment. I would think that more credit goes to Daingerfield for being able to pull a W out in both of those situations. I would dare say that the 3 studs for HS levels the playing field between NB and HS. However, going position by position, I would agree that NB has more talent and more experience, and overall the more "talented" team. Stewart has surprised me with what he's be
  12. Can anyone tell me why Galloway was making such a scene yesterday when Ruggiano hosed the guy at third on the hit and run? The kid was clearly out. Was Galloway the only one in Olsen that didn't see it that way?
  13. I was like you and expected today's game to be pretty interesting too, but it was a pretty mild, laid back 12-2 beat down of OU. The only heated time was between the OU head coach and the home plate umpire about what seemed to be a pretty clear call. No altercations between players or the opposing coaches. The Ags remained classy, or at least a lot classier than I could have been. I tip my hat to RC and crew for maintaining the high road today.
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