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  1. I guess so. Does that qualify as a "silver lining?"
  2. They've been more talented the last two meet ups. You watched the games, right?
  3. It was sarcasm with emphasis on the pun. :)
  4. 7-9 at best Mediocrity has been the norm for the last two decades in the big d.
  5. Guess there's nothing else to brag about in Cowboyland. Ok, I'll bite......YAYYYYY!!
  6. Yes it does. Mediocrity is, and has been the norm for this organization for years.
  7. IMO, Philly has the upper hand momentum-wise, dealing a thrashing to the Bears last Sunday. Dallas barely squeaked out a victory (WITH Romo) against the mighty 3-12 Redskins. Philly 35 Big d 20
  8. Another December gift, compliments of Garrett and the defense.
  9. She's a complete idiot. Tons of examples of that. Here's one... http://www.ktrh.com/articles/michael-berry-journal-206418/sheila-jackson-lee-the-worst-boss-11265463/
  10. That's assuming Katy makes it to the title game. On their side of the bracket, they would have to get by Smithson Valley, Cibolo Steele, and/or S.A. Reagan. Longview has a better chance (and easier) path than does Katy.
  11. Looks like they had a good season, but it will end this week.
  12. As long as Jerry's at the reins, this will never happen. We will keep on getting a crappy product.
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