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  1. Decent game for Hallsville... They threw their number three, a sophomore Holenquist... Big Game Friday against Pine Tree in Hallsville....
  2. good game by canton..... a lot of young talent
  3. The District Title will def go through Hallsville..... To much talent all away around...... With Peterson, Leftwich, Stringer, Wingfield, and Roberts leading the way... They will be a tough team to contend with..
  4. The Scout who drafted Mitchell from the Chicago Cubs- Trey Forkerway and I have a great relationship... That's how
  5. marshall or hallsville; maybe white oak... Haven't decided yet. I have to talk to some coaches and find out where I could get the field this summer, last year we worked out and played home games at Marshall Maverick field.
  6. Formerly known as the East Texas Cyclones, the Texas Naturals are looking for players for their 2009 summer campaign. A Tryout will be held, however the date and time is still up in the air. If you know of anyone that is looking to play select baseball start throwing names at me. We can hopefully start a discussion board. Out of last years team I had two kids drafted. Tarlandus Mitchell 22nd Round Chicago Cubs, and David Rollins 17th Round Los Angeles Dodgers. Our other seniors signed D1 or D1 Juco Scholarships at various schools. I am looking to put another legit team on the field this
  7. Longview will get their opp. and it won't be a memorable one
  8. just know Gilbert has better upside yeah it was, Garrett Gilbert will win a heisman, and two national championships in 4 years....
  9. Sulphur Springs is D-2, not as tough as a road. Lake Travis put up 71 today? Have you heard? Garrett Gilbert is number 2 rated quarterback in nation, Tyrik Rollison won't even play QB in college
  10. Lake Travis and Longview should be at Texas Stadium, maybe Alamodome who knows? Wherever it is I'll be there
  11. Don't count out Garrett Gilbert and Austin Lake Travis, best 4a team in the state, hands down
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