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  1. last time Sulphur Springs had a losing, non-playoff season (2-8 in 2006), they came back the next year and went 9-2. I doubt SS will win 9 games this year, but I don't think it will be terrible.
  2. there is a real chance that this sulphur springs team could start the year 1-3... that hurts my soul
  3. Man I remember all the excitement around this district in 08 when it came into being... now there's only 3 or 4 teams that even had a winning record last year. Not gonna be much competition for Longview I don't think. But hey, here's hoping my alma mater can compete.
  4. we gave up 49 in the state championship game. its hard to judge a defense on a team that scores as quickly as the wildcats do simply because theyre on the field so much more than most other teams.
  5. the wildcats this year through ten games have put up 48.2 ppg the state championship wildcats put up 40 even through ten. could this years wildcats make a state championship run??
  6. i'm goin with SS not only because of my hometown bias but looking at the schedule and results, SS just looks better. To think there will be less than 70 points scored is outrageous tho, so i'm going 45-35 SS
  7. it's been a long time since i've seen everyone picking against SS... so i'm gonna be the biased alum picking SS in a shootout. Hallsville will get behind and be forced to try and match SS pass for pass
  8. As an alum, I'm going with SS... As a person that just looks at stats and scores, I'm still going with SS. Yeah I'm pretty much going with the home team
  9. [quote} There was no way the 13-4A DEC was going to rule a kid that rushed for over 2,000 yards last season for a 2A playoff team eligible. UiL probably won't either. that sounds like when ryan young transferred to Sulphur Springs... minus the whole 2a PLAYOFF thing
  10. who's sulphur springs gonna play in the first round??
  11. yeah congrats ke i was lucky enough to be in the room when he commited heckuva a weekend!
  12. i'll believe that when i see it BUT I WON'T SEE IT
  13. woah woah woah... LOST TO LINDALE?!??! i was jus letting the trash talk go by but when i saw this all of hallsvilles talk about bein the best became invisible to me. no knock on lindale but SS beat lindale by a combined 21 runs the last 2 times they played them. hallsville couldnt even win a 1st round series against em. so what i'm seeing is hallsville people thnk they will be the best team in the district because they return most of a team that got put out in the 1st round to a team that finished 3rd in our district behind guess who SULPHUR SPRINGS and TEXAS HIGH i know sulphur s
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