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  1. The Kaufman Lady Lions Head Soccer Coach position is open. The teaching field is "OPEN", and it is a single-sport position, no second sport. Our ladies were Regional Quarter Finalists last year, and are only graduating 2, of which only 1 was a starter. If interested, please contact principal Dr. Dan Crawford at [email protected] or 972-932.2811.
  2. Kaufman High School has the Head Girls Soccer position open. Varsity coach has been doing both teams, but is now just going to coach the Boys Varsity. Science or CATE certificate preferred. Contact Brian Carter at [email protected] for more information. They will be playing in the new 4A District 10...made playoffs last year.
  3. Don't look too far past Kaufman in district 10. They have been to the playoffs 6 straight years, with teams like Mesquite Poteet, Forney, West Mesquite in their district. I believe they are returning a lot of players from last year's team as well.
  4. Looks like a lot of goal scorers are graduating. Hopefully they have some to fill their shoes.
  5. Anyone know how many seniors Kilgore is graduating?
  6. Yeah, I am not sure if soccer is going to follow the same scenarios or not...guess it will depend on whether there are enough "new 4A" schools to make it all happen. The UIL realignment policy states there will be 3 conferences in soccer for 14-16, so guess we will see what happens in the spring. Hopefully some "new 3A schools" will start up soccer programs now.
  7. 14-16: 6A: 2100 + 5A: 1060 - 2099 4A: 465 - 1059 3A: 220 - 464 2A: 105 - 219 1A: 1 - 104.9
  8. That's what I believe will happen to. Just have always hoped they might move a few things up for next year, since the realignment was only for 1 year instead of 2. But yes...looking forward to 3A soccer for sure...we will lose 5 of the 7 teams in our current district when that happens ;)
  9. Anyone heard anything with regards to the 13-14 alignment. I know there are big changes slotted for the 14-16 alignment, and will be interesting to see what they do with 13-14.
  10. disregard...question deleted
  11. Coaches, (Open dates updated 8/30/12) Our girls coach left this summer, so I am going to be coaching both men's/ladies' varsity teams. I am trying to combine both schedules into one. Here are some open dates, now that I am combining schedules: Ladies: Monday Jan 7th...GV GJV are open for home or away game Friday Jan 11th...GJV and GV are open for home or away game Monday Jan 14th...GJV open for away game Friday Jan 25...BJV and GJV Open for home or away game Monday Jan 28...GV and GJV are open for home or away game Friday, Feb 1st...GJV and BJV open for home or away game Guys JV (Varsity Full): Friday, Jan 11th...BJV open for away game Tuesday Jan 15th...BJV open for home or away game Friday Jan 25...BJV and GJV Open for home or away game Friday, Feb 1st...GJV and BJV open for home or away game Thanks, Brian Carter Head Soccer Coach Kaufman High School [email protected]
  12. Any of you know of a Men's/Ladies tournament on the same weekend in January? I am coaching both varsity teams this year, and would like to do both in one tournament in January. Temple used to do this, but not any more...heard maybe Richardson or Aledo...thanks!
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