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  1. No salt here, basically I was just saying “Well ***t”. Great season Pirates
  2. Not what you want on a homecoming night. Final?
  3. Long time area coach Buddy Ray hired as the Pirates new AD/HC. He's expected to start in the next week or so.
  4. If I had to guess, James (Simms) Bowie hires from within.
  5. Pirates win their 1st district game, 20-14! Way to go boys!
  6. 33-6 Maud with 4 minutes left in the game.
  7. Sources say they didn't wear em! I heard the Maud game was gonna be the unveiling, but I guess not. Maybe waiting for homecoming.
  8. 6-0 Maud with 3 minutes left in the 1st half.
  9. Pretty sure the Pirates are breaking out some new, black uniforms tonight. Should look pretty sharp. Different, but sharp!
  10. He's out roaming some pasture I'm sure...
  11. Well it appears that the days of JB-Maud threads are long gone. Sad. Haven't heard much about the red birds this year, but this game is always a good one no matter what. Hoping the Pirates come out strong tonight and win one for the home crowd! Lets Go Pirates
  12. A little late to the party, but I'm sure he doesn't rank highly after the spanking you guys got from him. I was taught, coached, heck partially fathered by that former head coach and I can assure you he did nothing but teach young men good football. 35-0 on homecoming in 2010, after your boys pretended to pee on our midfield logo. Talk about teaching young men... That said, the current head coach has done nothing but the same thing. Here's hoping the Pirates have a great season, and a better 2nd half!
  13. Cards win big. 63-0. Heads up Pirates.
  14. 22-0 Maud at the start of the 2nd quarter
  15. Gonna be attending this game, but I hate to admit things don't look good. Maud has twice the size and I hear our starting QB isn't playing. Still coming to root for my Pirates in this long-standing rivialry. Also I remember why and when the donkey was created.
  16. Game over in Detroit. 20 - 14 Eagles. Pirates fought hard, lets fix mistakes and look toward next week!
  17. Eagle touchdown in OT. 2 pt conversion fails. JB - 14 Detroit - 20
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