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  1. https://www.uiltexas.org/files/alignments/2020_alpha_post.pdf
  2. I heard today that big kid was hurt a week or two ago. Shoulder maybe? Did he play last night?
  3. Couple of things I saw. Carlisle coaches did their homework for this game. They defended Centerville's offense well. Didn't let 42 run up and down the field. Although he had 115 or so on the night, it was a painful 115. Those guys also know how to dislodge a football. Props to them and for taking advantage of 2 of those turnovers with 10 points on the board. Props to Centerville for making adjustments at halftime. They played the receivers a little tighter on the line preventing a lot of those passes in the flat from turning into big plays. They also picked up on a defender who was getting a little over anxious and got him to bite on a pump fake for a big pass play that took Centerville down to 3 and lead to the go ahead score. Although that kid made up some ground big time after he bit on the fake. Rain never favors a passing offense and that worked in Centerville's favor the second half. And yes the ball took a miraculous bounce and #3 never broke stride as it jumped right back in the cradle of his arm. One of the craziest things I've ever seen. Centerville had one of their better games through the air this year. Some great throws and a couple of tight ends that went up and fought for the ball while fighting off tackles for big gains. Props to Carlisle for a hard fought game. You guys had every right to be there. Props to the Tigers for overcoming obstacles in the first half and making adjustments in the second to win it. Reminded me a lot of the Centerville-Alto game from two years ago for the Region 3 Championship. Now if we can just get that radio guy to calmly tell us what is going on during a big play instead of blowing out everyone's speakers when something exciting happens, we will all be alright.
  4. Making the trip to Georgetown Friday. Love Waco ISD from a broadcasting standpoint. Full glass in front, phone lines, crowd mic fed into the pressbox, replay TV in the booth, parking just outside the elevator and a pretty good food spread. The ONLY bad thing about Waco ISD is the speed of the elevator. I hear there are 10 old men who pull ropes to let you go up and down.
  5. If I run the same stats with Centerville vs Alto, Alto is an 11 point favorite over the entire season. Over the final 3 games, Centerville by 6
  6. I'll preface the following with this: numbers are just numbers. Don't mean anything when you are on the field. That being said, Mason opponents average scoring 27 points/game this year. They average only 9 against Mason. Mason opponents averaged giving up 24 points/game. Mason offense averaged 44 in those games. Centerville opponents average scoring 34 points/game. They averaged 21 against Centerville. Centerville opponents averaged giving up 26 points/game Centerville offense averaged 42 in those games. When I put that all together, over the entire season, and compare Mason offense and defense with Centerville offense and defense, it gives Mason a 10 point advantage. Uncertain about the overall health of Mason through the season but I know Centerville hasn't been what I consider 100% until the last game of district. All players back on the field. Everyone dealing with something but everyone can play. Over those last 4 games, It comes out to Centerville by 4 I know this is only stats and it doesn't figure in how they stack up on the field, turnovers, etc. but it's a pretty interesting way to look at it. Give me Centerville by 4
  7. This Carlisle game was two weeks ago! Wolfman, let's hold hands, sing kumbaya and move to the Mason-Centerville thread.
  8. Centerville vs Mason, Friday, 7:30 at Georgetown ISD Athletic Complex
  9. Try this link on game night. http://www.kivy.com/streaming.html
  10. Game will be on KMVL 100.5 FM Online at kmvlfm.caster.fm
  11. IF, Centerville came out of that game healthy last night, next Friday's game against Alto will be an instant classic.
  12. Centerville vs Alto, Friday, 7:30pm at Palestine HS Alto is home team
  13. Game will be broadcast on KIVY 92.7FM Online at http://www.kivy.com/streaming.html
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