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  1. Unbelievable season!!! CONGRATULATIONS COACH SITTON AND STAFF CONGRATULATIONS BULLDOGS Coach Sitton... THANK YOU for guiding these young men with honestly, integrity and pure character. You are the greastest influence they will ever know, you will live in their hearts and ours FOREVER. I hope and pray you return to CH! Alvarado... Keep working hard and you will be rewarded. No reason to hang your head guys.. you played hard and left it all on the field.
  2. C'mon BULLDOGS.... It's time to play smash mouth foot ball. Lets go take the feather out of the Indian headband and make them like it. When that first whistle blows we will score and watch the Indians start to bleed then we will unleash the DOG D and take the ball and score again and again and again....
  3. I've been here, just not posted much. I have been to all but one game for the last few years including State last year. Not new just quiet.
  4. I have absolutely NO DOUBT where we will fnish.
  5. Underdog links I was referencing....... not that I personally think we are underdogs....... http://www.adjustedstats.com/ratings-stats/tools/txhsfbmatchup.php?team1=Alvarado&site=vs.&team2=Tyler+Chapel+Hill http://www.highschoolsports.net/massey/matchup/Alvarado-High-School-Alvarado-TX/Football/Varsity/Boys/2011/
  6. There is quite a difference in being "pumped" to play in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and being "mentally focused and prepared" to play in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.
  7. For all the Chapel Hill Bull Dog players who may read Smoaky: I would like to suggest this to you young men: 1- Get the team together at someones house 2- Watch each and every "Flipping The Switch" episode that has led you to the greatest opportunity, the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. 3- Reflect on each frame, remember the feelings you had, the thoughts you had 4- Pull it all together for FRIDAY @ 7:30pm. We are apparently the "Under dogs" for the pick to win this year. I encourage each and every one of you to challenge each other leading up to this game. I encourage each and every one of you to pick each other up I encourage each and every one of you to lead I encourage each and every one of you to NEVER GIVE UP I want you to treat every minute of the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP game like you treated the final minutes of each game leading you here. If you young men have taught us, the fans, anything this year.... it would be to never give up and to believe and achieve. 5-0 don't matter, 8-0 don't matter, 12-0 don't matter.............. All that matters is we go 1-0 on Friday December 9th, 2011 We gonna get it done!
  8. Great game CH... Great game WC!! CH men, this next game is gonna be what you will remember and be remembered for come a very very long time. How exactly do you want to be remembered?? Do you want to be remembered for the performance tonight or do you want to be remembered for the best game of your lives, one you can tell your kids and your grand children?, one that you played every second of every minute for the full game? Seniors, lead by example... Its football its gonna hurt, but leave it all on the field, dont be intimidated and make sure you give Alvarado a game they will not soon forget. #### up the pride, #### up the penalties and play hands down the best game of your lives. I believe in you, I believe in your coaches and I believe in our community. Bring it home fellas.
  9. chapelhillgirlsmom

    Chapel Hill Bulldogs (11-0) vs. Waco La Vega Pirates (11-0)

    Lindaleeagle.....where you gonna be next week???? You can come to our next game unless you are a bball fan...
  10. chapelhillgirlsmom

    Chapel Hill Bulldogs (11-0) vs. Waco La Vega Pirates (11-0)

    :highfive: Classic.... Gotta love Coach Sitton! "If you get banged up.... get up!, aight, it's FOOTBALL - it's gonna hurt ever now and then" "We need to be on the money!"
  11. chapelhillgirlsmom

    Coach of the year honors

    :rolleyes: totally a "HOMER" pick :blush: However, my vote is for Coach Sitton at Chapel Hill. My reasoning is this: 1-Class in games 2-Respect toward opponents, coaches and players 3-Leadership for the young men he coaches 4-Fortitude throughout this season and last 5-Skill, Strength and Understanding for what it takes to have a support staff with the same vision Never once did his fortitude waver throughout this season of circumstance. I sincerely hope we win a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and that Coach Sitton will remain at Chapel Hill to be a role model for more young men.
  12. chapelhillgirlsmom

    What happened or is happening?

    Personally, it is my responsibilityas a parent to oversee my child(ren) in school and ensure they are doing what it takes to pass and be successful later in life in something other than athletics. My kids have always known school work/success comes first and then athletics but if you can combine them and not lose a step in either.... even better.
  13. chapelhillgirlsmom

    What happened or is happening?

    WOW........ that's not good. I would think, as an athlete, if you want to play collegiate sports you should make sure your ducks are in a row in high school. Sad day. I certainly hope he gets this straightened out, heck of a player that I would love to see go far.
  14. chapelhillgirlsmom

    What happened or is happening?

    Just read the article in Tyler Paper about him. What is going on?? Trey Metoyer...... I guess you can't see the subtitle very well... should have been more clear.
  15. chapelhillgirlsmom

    Burt & ernie getting married ReallY!

    This just makes me sick! WHY WHY WHY....... It's a kids show, why introduce sexuality to it? Sooooo glad my kids are older. And when I have grandkids, they won't watch it.