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  1. I hear Pleasant Grove needs a Week 5
  2. Sorry, I stayed away from the thread until the games played out. Debating seemed very much useless. So, I am just getting caught up. All this talk about best this, and best that is not really that much fun, because defining what the "Best" means is too vague. Kinda like Brady is the GOAT as a player, but Brees is the better Quarterback/passer. Best College QB, or Best Stats, or best One Season. Too many parameters.
  3. I had picked 45-24. LSU missed the FG, and Clemson went for 2 and got it. You were on target...
  4. OK, so who can you say had a better year?
  5. Just like HS. Every year, LSU, 'Bama, and other top teams lose Seniors AND Juniors to the NFL. Every year they keep coming back. Circle of life. Of course nobody expects the Tigers to duplicate the success of this year, they had arguably the best season ever. But, that does not mean that they will not be good, or great. Pre Season Polls, or really ANY Polls, tend to be the subject of much contention between the makers and Fans. I don't put much stock in them at all. Much like this year, I just wait until the game is played, and then we KNOW who is best.
  6. Not enough room. You'd have wrecks from people trying to read it from the Interstate.
  7. I got with the Mayor, he is passing on to the City Staff to update the signs. Sorry, no Water Tower. The last time they repainted, they voted on the new logo. There was enough griping about spending money on paint vs potholes to fill a Gilmer/Carthage thread.
  8. Not really seen a lot of non Hawk games, so my homer picks: (Besides winning State) Pleasant Grove vs Argyle in 2009 W 35-19 Pleasant Grove vs Gilmer 2017 W 41-38 Pleasant Grove vs Carthage 2018 L 21-28
  9. They have a couple more , (N State Line PG Road) , but none have been updated since before the 2017 title.
  10. From a Texarkana perspective, being on the edge of any district configuration, travel is Always going to be an issue. Never going to be in the middle of the territory. Rivalries can always be scheduled pre-season. There are always teams on the cusp of the alignment numbers. Perhaps applying for an exemption to move up is sensical, but requesting to move down would open a Pandora’s box that UIL would never get shut.
  11. Pleasant Grove won, and although Wimberley was a worthy opponent, an uncharacteristically Poot game by PG, combined with an almost outstanding effort by the Texans made it interesting. They had some plays they should have made that would have made it tighter, but not enough. We had turnovers and penalties that would normally be a dagger at this level. Gilmer was I think our most worthy opponent in the playoffs. considering how many injuries the Hawks weathered this year, making that run is even more impressive than last year. Congratulations, and thanks for the ride, Hawks. a special thanks to the myriad fans from all over that showed up to watch us play. Counted at least ten other schools colors on our side.
  12. If I can get outta work, I want to go see tha Dawgs. Are y'all home or visitor?
  13. Sergio Rodriguez is a secret weapon, flying under the radar on most recruiter's watch lists. He has the school record for TDs in a season at 15, and has about half a dozen interceptions with several being Pick Six. This play shows just how hard this kid balls on the field. Pound for Pound, one of the best I have seen come through Hawk Nation.
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