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  1. My Thunder looking good. PG just took over tonight in the 4th.
  2. OU gets in over OSU. However, if Georgia wins on Saturday (which they won’t) neither OU nor OSU get in as the 4th spot would go to Georgia.
  3. Regardless, the call on the field was an incomplete pass. So even if they would have paused the game for a review, they would have had to have indisputable evidence to overturn it which they wouldn’t have.
  4. That Aggie defense was so tired of hearing about Benny Snell all week. They allowed Kentucky 112 yards of offense in the first quarter and then 66 total for the rest of the game. Kentucky didn’t run a single play from the A&M side of the field during regulation.
  5. BYU LSU OU Stanford Auburn Texas A&M Cal Missouri Baylor  Notre Dame  *Tiebreaker: 70
  6. Washington Oregon West Virginia Texas Mississippi State Washington State TCU Ohio State Stanford Kentucky tiebreaker: 83
  7. 1) Temple 2) Washington State 3) Louisville 4) Texas A&M 5) Baylor 6) TCU 7) Oklahoma State 8) Florida 9) Stanford 10) Washington *Tiebreaker: 24
  8. 1) OU 2) Florida State 3) Auburn 4)Oklahoma State 5) Florida 6) Duke 7) Houston 8). Ohio State 9) Texas  10) Washington  *Tiebreaker: 232
  9. I think a lot of people were in the same boat as you. I however liked the short flashes he showed last season even amongst some of his struggles. That game time was invaluable. I knew that if fisher would be able to work with him, he had the tools to work with as well as the legs to extend plays. While starkel has an arm, the guy is a statue and very well maybe the most immobile quarterback I have ever seen.
  10. Games like this show why Jimbo is widely respected as one of the best and knowledgeable coaches in the country. They went toe to toe with one of the premier programs in the country. What a contrast this team is to a sumlin coached team. Every single time I thought the nail was in the coffin (the starkel fumble, the fumble touchback), the Aggies continued to fight back. Was super impressed with the way the defense shut down their run. Had they made their field goals and the refs not completely missed the push off offensive PI, the aggies would’ve had a win over the #2 team in the country.
  11. 1) Mississippi State 2) Arizona 3) OU 4) Georgia 5) Nebraska 6) Iowa 7) Clemson 8). Penn State 9) USC 10) Michigan State *Tiebreaker: 48
  12. Sumlin doing what he does best..not having his team prepared.
  13. My goodness it was nice to see when within 5 yards of the end zone, the offense lineup under center with a fullback. Instead of a slow developing play out of shotgun.
  14. Running behind a fullback definitely will help. I expect a big season out of him.
  15. 1) Colorado 2) Texas 3) Ole Miss 4) Auburn 5) West Virginia 6) North Carolina 7) Michigan 8) North Texas 9) Alabama 10) Arizona *Tiebreaker: 262
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