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  1. The Eagles fell hard, 69-39, to Fairfield tonight.
  2. Aggie 98 is correct on that. JISD was low bidder for serval of the Lon Morris pieces including the Smith Events Center. Bankruptcy judge still has to give final approval early next month for it to be finalized. So hopefully this will be the final season the current gym is used as a competition gym.
  3. Ole Jerry will never give up the power!
  4. Watching a bowl game being played in Yankee Stadium in late December is like watching a rodeo in an opra house. Bowls are supposed to be a reward for deserving teams. WHo the heck wants to be playing outdoors or watching a football game being played outdoors in NYC in late Dec. The Big 12 opted out of the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, instead choosing to partner with the Pinstripe Bowl supposedly to give its teams more national visability. What a joke!
  5. Tubberville nearly sank the Tech football program. Red Raider fans showed thank God that he bolted for Cincy.
  6. Bracket not on hoopinsider yet. I understand Kilgore, Marshall,Hallsville, Pine Tree, Tatum and Jacksonville are entered in the "Big School" division. Jacksonville is 12-0 and has won the Madisonville and Fairfield tournaments the past two weekends. Have to think that the Indians would probably be favored.
  7. At least half of Ace's list was a hoot! Best laugh I've had in a while. Now, lets get serious. Here are two guys that could apply and could receive serious consideration: former Kilgore head cacoh Mike Vallery and former REL head man, Mike Owens.
  8. THis thread isn't a joke, but Texas football sure is!
  9. If in fact McFarlin leaves Whitehouse he will have his choice of jobs and I'm not sure there is enough talent in the Marshall pipeline to attract him.
  10. From what I understand many of the Roxton fans misbehaved (excessive extreme vulgarity) on Friday and Roxton ISD official (s) decided not to allow the team play anymore games until school officials can meet with the Roxton fans to discuss their behavior at the school's basketball games.
  11. Yes, thre Brook Hill team from Bullard.
  12. Class 2A Troup beat them 27-20 in Week 0, Brook Hill Classic.
  13. She is out for the year with a serious knee injury according to Texas Tech sports information office. Injury happened in Snuday's season opener against Arizona St.
  14. I'm not an Aggie fan either, but I sure give them a lot of credit for what they did to Bama today! Wow! What a boost in recruiting this should give A&M! And at the same time some of those studs that would have signed with UT or OU, will probably choose A&M now. A flipping HUGE win for the Aggies in more ways than one!
  15. Not to take anything away from Red Oak, but I'm wondering if Lancaster has lost some studs due to grades. Hard to believe the same Lancaster team that beat JT lost to Red Oak 17-0. I have a feeling 16-4A is going to have trouble with those 15-4A teams (Ennis, Lancaster, Red Oak, etc.) in bi-district.
  16. Mack can't be that good of a salesman when Oklahoma and others are getting the first tier recruits from the state of Texas.
  17. It's my understanding that he had some sort of circulatory problem in his lower leg where there was a problem with the blood flow that was very serious. I believe he had a lengthy surgery today to fix the problem, but that he want be able to return this season. You always hate to hear news of this sort. God bless Gunnar and the Baker family.
  18. J'ville 9th 18, Nacogdoches 6 Nacogdoches JV 38, J'ville 14
  19. Is it time to air those basketballs up at Chapel Hill, yet?
  20. I agree with slaphappy....for the number of players, their size, etc.that Kilgore had in relation to Bullard the score should not have been this close. This could be attributed to the effort that the Panthers gave though. Bullard moved the ball better than the final score indicated. IMO, if Kilgore doesn't better in a hurry, they are going to have a lot of trouble staying with Henderson and maybe Gilmer, too.
  21. Matthias has been sniffing too much ink in the HDN press room. (Ha! Ha!)
  22. Finally something positive coming out of San Augustine. The town took a terrible hit image wise in the "Bernie" movie.
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