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  1. HAHAHA Go figure you would say that. Do you happen to have anymore ways of how you could win some games? Maybe if yall made a new district without WO, Harleton, Harmony, ND, Sabine, and EF you could
  2. I give my congrats to NDon the win over WO. They did play good, but the whole thing bout WO being overrated ok great man thats your opinion. but just because you beat them one time doesnt mean that there "overrated" or that yall are the "team to beat". I wouldnt get on here talking to much stuff because remember you will see them again. The win wasnt the worst thing in the world for WO because now they are hungry for a win and i also dont think that the loss could have come at a better time.
  3. got a chance to take one from wo on tues. good luck
  4. yea sorry for one of those teams. wat are the predictions for that game? im thinking WO 8 Harleton 2
  5. These remarks are coming from the President. He should never make remarks about handicapped as it is. Get em LV78.
  6. Is he ever going to do what he promised? I consider this guy to be more of a pop star then our president.
  7. WO lost to Spring Hill 2-1. It gave WO a chance to give there #3 a some good work. WO also had 2 of there starters out sick today also.
  8. I definatly think that having all there starters would of helped. But great job WO.
  9. i understand now where you are coming from and i apoligize for making the comment.
  10. OK Im trying to figure this all out will somebody help me? ok America is trying to restrict our gun laws so that we can stop the violence and killings in mexico?
  11. Im not a obama supporter in any way but i do believe that he didnt mean it the way everyone took it. I say things like that all the time but that doesnt mean that I dont believe in the special olympics and Im not in any way making fun of the disabled.
  12. Ok did anyone see the bracket that he made? WOW!!! Not the best picks, I dont think
  13. Yes i heard the same thing. EF might be a team to look out for.
  14. I just have one question, does anybody in this district have anyone signing with any colleges OTHER than WO?
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