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  1. my .02-------------home field ADV is always worth a couple of points. This will be a close game. SSCats 35 WHCats 34
  2. sorry, i've got alot of irons in the fire today. i was commenting about your comment. i thought it was funny. who would correct someone about spelling (or misspelling ) a word.-----------the spelling police. i thought your zinger was pretty good.
  3. :whome: i was gonna say ---spelling police???
  4. 1) SS @ MP---1993 both teams on the same sideline due to the visitor side flooded out. 2)chaminade madonna ( FL) @ tyler lee pretty big lightning storm before the game. we were in the stands for about 2 hours. after all the hype, and the team flying in from FL.....i wasn't going anywhere. great game
  5. nah...that guy can take a punch. have you seen any more of his fights? he gets his #### kicked all the time, but he can take a shot and not get rocked. He keeps comin forward. Spider Silva definitely knocked him out easily. You're right about that. I don't like him, but he's known for his chin.
  6. Based on what I saw in last years's playoff game, I have to give the coaching edge to the Fightin Famboys. Coach Wright made tremedous adjustments at halftime. Granted, Winns may have been limited due to some injuries. I just find it hard to believe the red raiders offense was so 1 dimensional. I'll be at the paris/SS game, but my father-in-law will phone in the updates for me.... good luck to both teams
  7. Dtigers-28 Arabbs-14 just a guess after reading the posts. sounds like alot of speed. i beleive it. i don't know much about ATL's new coach. the 2003 state champ rabbits left a lasting impression on me. i watched all the playoff games, (except the vernon game in FW.)
  8. loaded may be an overstatement. you can look on the field every year and see for yourself what type of kids they have. 1988 State Championship Class 4A Paris 31 West Orange-Stark 13 http://www.smoaky.com/news/View.php?ArticleID=166 i count about 10 paris kids from this list in college now. http://www.smoaky.com/pdf/easttexascollege.pdf
  9. based on his abilities-----yes. he isn't a "household name" coming from a top notch university. he wasn't drafted high. 7th round from Northwestern Oklahoma State http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/player?statsId=6975
  10. let's go with this one...IDK why i couldn't get the poll on the 1st one.
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