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  1. This is my thinking as well. If you watch LHN postgame show immediately after the game they have cameras panning the players as the Eyes are being played, a lot lift their Horns, some just stand there and talk about something that happened in the game, but very few sing the Eyes. It’ll be more of that. The interesting thing will be to watch how the white players react to the Eyes. Will white or black players sing and if they do will there be discontent because of it.
  2. I saw a suggestion on Twitter that the Big12 should offer Notre Dame a year one affiliation with the chance to play for a conference championship. That gives the Big 12 teams 10 games with a possibility of a conference championship and playoffs.
  3. He’s not on campus anyway. Hasn’t been since players went home from spring.
  4. I mean I assume the players think he has a statue because of the slavery issues, otherwise why are they upset and trying to remove it.
  5. I’m sure this is old news now but I just saw the videos from ATM players talking to older ATM alumni about the Sul Ross statue. I went and read the Wikipedia page on Ross. It’s says he was credited with saving the university and expanding its facilities. I guess my biggest question is does the university memorialize Ross for his contributions to the university or for his slavery escapades?
  6. Clemson players led a peaceful protest just last week.
  7. Ugh, there are a lot of mentally weak people in today’s society.
  8. This is weird. He was going to be in a battle for nickel this year with RS freshman Chris Adimore. Then again the wording makes it seem like a family issue or sickness.
  9. That’s a big get to keep the big fella from LSU.
  10. Yeah the last two punters were both from there. Dickson and Bujcevski.
  11. I hate the whole crystal ball idea. Most of these guys put in or switch their picks right before a kid announces and it ruins it for the player.
  12. Whittington and Jake Smith are going to be pretty solid in the middle of the field.
  13. I’m gonna try to do 5 outside the box picks, order irrelevant. 1. Spencer Sanders QB OkSt 2. Kyle Trask QB Florida 3. Jayden Daniels QB Arizona St 4. Ian Book QB ND 5. Jordan Whittington WR/RB Texas *Homer pick
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