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  1. You guys are all missing the big picture here. Thompson folded after his pick 6. He had 25 passing yards after his pick 6. I don’t care how good Bijan is, if the defense isn’t scared of the QB beating them it becomes a lot easier to stop the run. The defense did their job for 3 quarters of the game and again was left on the field way too long in the second half. Thompson was terrible and this one is 100% on him. He replaced Card because he brought juice to the offense. Well today he brought nothing to the offense. He folded in the biggest game.
  2. They didn’t forget Bijan. OKSt didn’t respect Thompson as a passer. They weren’t scared of him beating them. He had 26 passing yards in the second half. It’s easy for a defense to stop Bijan when the QB can’t make plays. Say what you want about play calling but Thompson is holding the offense back.
  3. This game is 100% on Casey Thompson’s inability to make plays in the passing game.
  4. Casey Thompson should be benched after that game. He had an OU hangover and he cost his team a win today abs a shot at a Big12 championship appearance.
  5. Thompson is keeping OkSt in this game. Not only the pick 6 but he’s been very poor with his pocket awareness, he looks slow when scrambling, and he’s missed some presnap reads as well.
  6. I think he’d find it easier to recruit at LSU. Not saying he can’t or hasn’t pulled top classes at A&M but it’s easier at LSU.
  7. 1. Texas 2. Arkansas 3. Florida 4. Georgia 5. BYU 6. North Carolina 7. Oklahoma 8. Pittsburg 9. Kansas St 10. Arizona St Tiebreaker: 26
  8. Texas hosts their big recruiting weekend vs OKst. Lots of big time targets from every class will be in town. The biggest name…Arch Manning. Sark and QB coach Milwee will be in Louisiana on Thursday night to watch Arch play and then the Manning’s will make an UOV starting Friday. If Texas can get a win over #12 OKst at home and the offense impresses like it did vs OU, I think Texas will be the team to beat.
  9. Whatever it is you have to incorporate Calzada into it.
  10. It wasn’t a backwards pass but it definitely was close enough sideways to be reviewed.
  11. Regarding #2 the punt hit the Texas player on the shoulder. That’s why OU got the ball not because of catch interference.
  12. This just isn’t true. Texas had 3 drives in the 3rd quarter. Drives 1 and 3 were killed by Oline penalties and were 3&outs deep in our own territory. The 2nd drive ended in a FG but could’ve been a TD had Washington been able to get his toe down on a nice wheel route. On this drive Texas started with a 17 yd pass to Worthy. The very next play there was a holding call that backed Texas up but everyone forgets about it because the next play Bijan picked up 33 on 1st and 20. On the 4th drive Texas was 3&out on 3 straight passes, with starting field position at their own 18.
  13. Game of inches. Texas Wr Washington had a very similar catch in the 3rd quarter but he couldn’t get his toe in bounds. This was not the one I was referring to in my summary above. I was referring to the first TD that was aided by the 3rd &10 reception that was allowed to stand although the receiver went out of bounds on his own and then caught the ball further down the field.
  14. It’s a rivalry game, busted plays, turnovers, and momentum is part of the game. You won the game by a touchdown and the officials gave you your first score. Congratulations on the win and finding the right QB in the process. Good luck the rest of the season.
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