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  1. Huge pickup for Texas. Stewart and Brennan Thompson were two of the first recruits that Sark targeted at Texas This commitment puts Texas #5 in the recruiting rankings.
  2. This is a big momentum boost for Sarks first recruiting class. The kid is a 5* personality and liked by his peers. He is not a 5* QB with what he has put on tape to this point., but he has very high upside. Here’s the idea in my mind...Hudson Card has at least 3 years at Texas. This kid could come in and sit for 2 years and if his upside is has high as some think then it’s a success. It’s a great play if you can’t flip Ewers from Ohio St. His 5 game spring season will be very interesting to keep up with.
  3. King gives me a Colt McCoy vibe. Obviously he’s bigger than Colt but I think their mental makeup and intangibles are very similar. Maybe it’s just the coaches kid angle but the way Tarpley describes King in the 2nd paragraph is what people still say about Colt today.
  4. Texas adds another QB to the class in Brentwood (CA)High Schools Cole Lourd
  5. I think he’s a stud but Texas may just be taking 1 QB in this cycle after getting a signature from the kid out of Cali today.
  6. The new staff has been sending out re-offers to kids. Unless he didn’t make it public, then he hasn’t been offered by the new staff.
  7. I like this kid. Was hoping Sark would offer.
  8. I’m not really upset about losing Carrington in this situation. Dude isn’t a coach and he was part of the turmoil over the “The Eyes”. Thank you for your services. He held a couple recruiting classes together for Herman but time to move on.
  9. It’s been Bob Shipleys role since Strong took over for Mack.
  10. I don’t know a lot about Gilbert but this is being well received in the coaching community on Twitter.
  11. The hardwood version of the RRR was the craziest game I’ve seen in a while. Texas lost by 1 and had an own goal.
  12. Texas added a grad transfer from Notre Dame with 2 years to play.
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