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  1. Haven’t seen those rumors. Would be strange, he’s started the last two games and received the most touches of the 3 RBs.
  2. This is correct according to the paid message boards. He’ll have to win the Big12 to keep his job. Apparently BMD weren’t exactly impressed with the win over OKST but they understand you can’t fire a guy that wins his conference.
  3. Agreed, but I will say that if BYU wins out their QB will be a heisman candidate and that could help their cause. I still don’t think they should get in.
  4. Worst case scenario for Cincinnati and ATM is if ND and Clemson split this week and the CCG. You also have BYU with one more ranked opponent and a very likely chance to finish undefeated.
  5. This helps Texas put out a few recruiting fires and allows the administration not have to make immediate decisions. The Texas offense still didn’t play well. 13 penalties, 2-15 on 3rd down, and we continue to give Brewer way too many targets. The Texas defense is the unit that is getting better and improving every week. This is not a dig in any way but ATM fans have to be sick watching Joseph Ossai play at Texas. That kid is so good and is a big reason for the defense improvement. CBs struggle but Wallace is so good. Sterns is the most disappointing of the 3 former 5* safet
  6. It won’t matter. The word that this is the first time all the Texas donor factions are on the same page about replacing the coach. Even Strong had a few donors/alumni in his corner when he was fired. Herman doesn’t have any support right now, even from the guys that wanted him hired. The only thing keeping Herman at Texas right now is Meyer hasn’t already agreed to a deal.
  7. Guys, the entire team stayed on the field for the Eyes on Saturday after the Baylor game and it was just a recording since the band isn’t allowed at games. The majority held their Horns up and sang the song. All Herman had to do was tell the team exactly what CDC said to the coaches, which was that everyone would be expected to stay on the field/court for the Eyes, it took CDC and President Hartzell having their own team meeting with players and coaches for that message to get across. Jared Elliott and the Volleyball team have stay on the court after every match for the Eyes, his tea
  8. I think you’re right. The donors aren’t going to pay huge money for another up and comer. They tried that twice and it failed. This isn’t just the fans being upset about the season or the Eyes situation. The guys donating millions to the university are just as upset with all of it. CDC won’t pull the plug on Herman until he has his guy IMO.
  9. Again if you believe message boards then Texas is willing to pay up to get Urban. He wants to coach again (he wanted the Cowboys job last year) the real question is if his family will sign off. There are only a handful of jobs that can pull Urban from his comfy situation and Texas is on that list. The “Eyes” situation got out of hand because Herman tried to ride the fence. The decision on whether to stand on the field or court for the Eyes was never up to the coaches, Herman didn’t do his job when the CDC made him and the rest of the coaches aware of the BOR decision. Whoever is the
  10. I think it’s Urban. They’ll call Dabo and Shanahan, may have already made those calls. Shanahan wants no part of the college game because of recruiting. I agree you can’t spend this kind of buyout money for Campbell.
  11. If you believe message boards then Herman is as good as gone. They are just making sure they can get the right replacement before they officially fire Herman. Money isn’t going to be an issue, there are apparently enough ticked off money men that CDC and new President Hartzell are already working out ways to make things happen. An in-season firing or reassigning of Herman is the most likely outcome.
  12. The OC and HC that convinced him to commit to Texas are on a very hot seat and he knows it. I expect Herman to be fired in season and Ewers will probably decommit. Meyer or whoever is the next coach will need to win Ewers pledge again and do it quickly.
  13. The Texas dline had their way with an undermanned Baylor oline. The Texas offense did just enough and the special teams was, ehh special. This was not to the game to see if Tom and his team could change fans and donors minds. That game is this Saturday.
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