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  1. Did anyone notice how the offensive play calling took advantage of 1v1 matchups and Sam looked very comfortable running it. I know it’s UTEP but Texas offense never ran that smoothly in any game last year.
  2. One positive is it wasn’t another knee injury. It’s hard for a TE to come back from 1 knee injury but 2 would be almost impossible.
  3. That’s terrible for that kid. He’s on the Jordan Shipley plan now.
  4. I was hoping they would put the Texas/OU game at night this year.
  5. Texas only has 13 seniors this year with 2 of them sitting for COVID reasons (Bimage, Young). It would be awesome to get another year of Kerstetter, like you mentioned, but also Taqon Graham. A few others that could come back depending on how their season goes: Ehlinger, Jacoby Jones, Chris Brown, and Denzel Okafor.
  6. Has ATM started fall camp yet? I’m interested to hear about Demas and King.
  7. I just read the Anwar tweet. That is terrible for the kid and worse for Texas. I have little faith in Eagles.
  8. I may be punished for this but I’m getting pretty excited about the practice reports that we’re seeing on Troy Omerie. He’s making highlight reel catches and taking 1st reps away from Eagles. He’s winning jumps balls of course but we’re also hearing he’s getting separation on go routes. The “insiders” are already saying hello see plenty of playing time this year but If Eagles continues to be inconsistent we could see a lot of Omerie this fall.
  9. Texas basically has 3—3 game seasons with the way their byes fall. *excluding the opener vs UTEP of course.
  10. That’s probably the only way a spring season could work. End the season in April and that takes the place of spring ball. That would still be tough on NFL prospects but maybe the draft/process could be moved back a few weeks.
  11. I don’t see spring football being possible and you’d likely have a lot more NFL eligible players opt out. For spring football to work: Bring players back in January (height of flu season) let them prep for a month. February begin a 10 game schedule for 12 weeks. (Here I’m assuming it would be conference only and 2 off weeks for each team) Conference Championships end of April/first of May. 4 team Playoffs starts 2nd/3rd week of May with the national championship being played the end of May. Then players coming back will have to report for summer workouts i
  12. It’s easy for New Zeland, they’re an island nation with 1 international airport and a population the size of Maryland.
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