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  1. Agreed, he showed more burst on those 2 TD runs than he has all year. I don’t believe Roschon will steal his spot but I hope the emergence of Ro will spark Ingram. I think he’s fine but may be trying to be perfect. Those 2 TDs last night being greater than 10yd runs will really help I think.
  2. Coach O needed an excuse for his teams either lack of conditioning/hydration or his teams diving tactics to slowing down the Texas offense. He lied plain and simple.
  3. I don’t think he’ll ever play QB for Texas. Obviously this is a look way into the future but I believe Sam will be back next year. After that we’ll get 1 year of Thompson and then a battle between Card and Milroe. Of course that’s me thinking JQJ from Duncanville will play something other than QB. I may be wrong but they spent the spring camp this past year completely overhauling Roschon throwing motion. I just think he’s going to be so far behind the other QBs coming in.
  4. Yesterday Herman said Ingram was is playing at about 75%. I bet he doesn’t play much vs Rice and then he’ll go into Ok State at almost 100%. Then bye week before WVU and RRR.
  5. La Techs coach Holtz was quoted refuting talking to LSU officials about this. Coach O is blaming Texas stadium staff for his players not being properly conditioned and hydrated. Everyone that would have some kind of knowledge about it has called BS. So I’ll say coach O is lying without any glasses on.
  6. Great post, can’t find anything I disagree with here. Ok State in two weeks is the test to see if the young DBs have learned anything.
  7. Are people seriously believing Ed O on the whole AC thing? If we are to believe him, that means they sat in the locker room probably 3-4 hours prior to the game and didn’t have his SID or anyone find a Texas staffer to find out what was up. We also have to believe that it’s true and not one player or staff member said anything to the media or on social media. We also have to believe a well respected AD is just completely lying about it.
  8. Dude played a near perfect game Saturday. He should be the front runner as of now.
  9. Maryland Kansas State NC State UCF Michigan State Iowa State TCU Texas Tech SMU Florida Tiebreaker: 58
  10. His commitment was kinda under the radar because he didn’t do a video or commitment via social media. But you’re right he is a total stud. I hope it doesn’t hurt our chances with Clayton Smith.
  11. Yes and I love that Texas puts opposing teams in the upper deck. Why should the home team give good seats to the away team? Texas doesn't owe LSU fans anything. Just like I expect Texas fans to have crappy seats in BR.
  12. Dude was dang near perfect. He had 8 incompletions and I’ll bet half of those were on dump offs to the RB. He looked off safeties, hit back shoulder fades, and when he needed the biggest conversion of the game he move up in the pocket avoiding the rush and threw a 17 yard strike. Heck of a game from that kid.
  13. The oline played great last night and yes you are correct. Texas is finally getting a healthy situation in the oline room.
  14. I wish he wouldn’t but I think he’s a sure fire first rounder.
  15. Texas finally got that 50 yard explosive play last night!
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