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  1. Hallsville is 12 - 9 against Texas high 1999-2020 Hallsville is 29 - 8 against Marshall 1999-2020 Yes I am aware of that.
  2. Hallsville has won ten district championships in the last 15 years in baseball. That leaves five for everyone else.
  3. Hallsville baseball is looking for games for next season. Freshman, JV, Varsity. Scott Mitchell - +1 (903) 424-8448
  4. PLaying an easy pre district schedule would appear to be a huge game. However how did it end up?
  5. Actually one of nacs 8th grade teams which is an A team beat Hallsvilles Purple team 44-7. The other Nac middle school who is also an A team lost to Hallsville gold team 0-7.
  6. There weren't any injections in that game.
  7. Right cause it Friscos problem. They are getting ready for the next game and the next after that... They should stop scoring some of those seniors are about to end there high school careers. You're in the third round!
  8. Dumb maybe... Not classless... It's the third round of the playoffs... It's not Friscos job to make you feel better about the loss.
  9. It's the same team, just playing a team with a pulse
  10. haha how so? Carthage and Nac... or Royse City and Crandal? Which 2-0 do you respect more?
  11. Didnt he get rid of every male coach except soccer?
  12. i think he was only talking to people who knew what they were talking about.
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