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  1. ally60

    District 17 2A

    Lk undefeated Qc 8-3(2nd place) Chapel Hill and HS will battle for 3rd
  2. ummm no, they only have 1 or 2 wins and that was against Daingerfield who hasn't won a game.
  3. Tuesday 4/14 :coolball: QC 8 HS 2 Lk 9-0 HS 7-2 (still have make up game from 1st round with LK) QC 6-3 CH 5-4 Not sure on the rest
  4. Hughes Springs has not played LK yet in the first round. Waiting to play them a double header in 2nd round.
  5. Is that Chapel Hill Mt Pleasant ? Thought they had a pretty good 3rd baseman too!
  6. ally60


    Detroit 4 James Bowie 1
  7. ally60


    QC plays LK at LK.
  8. ally60


    So Hooks beat Hughes Springs? I believe Hooks plays Redwater on Friday. QC plays LK.
  9. ally60


    Redwater beat LK 2-1...Queen City beat Paul Pewitt 8-2... I think Hughes Springs lost to NB.
  10. ally60


    QC beat them 2-0 and Hooks just beat them the other night. That is all I know...
  11. ally60


    QC has Paul Pewitt and LK. So it will most likely be Friday before we know the "for sure" outcome.
  12. ally60


    Actually(not sure) HS beat QC twice so QC is 6-6 RW is still one game ahead 7-5. HS is 6-6 but really ahead of QC because they won twice...(I THINK) One more loss for HS or QC they will be out. Yep you said it CRAZY! Interesting year though....NB is in first and has been beaten twice by the 2nd place team.
  13. ally60


    A lot of different things can happen by Friday. Depending on those outcomes, we won't know for sure who is 3rd place. I believe NB and LK are the 1st and 2nd place teams. Potential 3rd place is Redwater, Queen City or Hughes Springs.(All depends on what teams win and lose their last 2 games.) Guess we will just have to wait and see.
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