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  1. Red River County

    I hunt there and alot of my family does to. What questions you got
  2. hog hunting

    Lol I like messin with all you self proclaimed Davy Crocketts. Just thought I'd put that on here to see the reaction, but he did weight over 450 not going to say how much cause you still won't believe me.

    Bobcats and coyotes is what go for
  4. hog hunting

    Really well I have no reason to lie so believe what you want I could careless.
  5. Coyotes Eat Corn

    Haha.Its a metaphor for what he thought bout your corn
  6. hog hunting

  7. How is clarksville doin in 1a?

    Well with clarksville a lot of the white folks moved away. Not being racist, just saying whats true. That's why a lot of their enrollment went down. Once again please don't take that the wrong way.
  8. Good point but avery has one kid that can score and 2 more will help but not enough to stop the cville tigers
  9. hog hunting

    If you wana see it my buddy has it on his facebook his name is Hunter Jackson look him up. Look at the cutters if you get on there
  10. Please don't over hype avery clarkville game. Avery lost a lot of there scoreing and a coach who had run the same thing since I was in school. Clarksville will take both games no problem.
  11. hog hunting

    That's great.I love hog huntin wish I could upload a pic of a bit bigger boar we killed on the sulfer river. Would have caught him but he would have taken some dogs with him.
  12. How is clarksville doin in 1a?

    Could someone answer this for me
  13. favorite places to hunt outside tx

    Same in montana the deer are just so massive compared to texas deer
  14. jackass 3D

    In my opinion it was a great movie. Hardest iv laughed in awhile, granted I don't have a weak stomach (like the person next to me did). Everyone should see it unless you have younger kids/teenagers alittle more graphic than the last 2
  15. Federal judge orders military

    Well I'm in the military and not sayin name rank or any info about them but I work with 2 guys that are homos. Do I like it"no" but can I say that to them "no". They should keep the don't ask don't tell cause I don't wana know if you are or not.