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  1. Being a Bulldog fan i will give my full support to whomever it is and will not start out by dogging someone whom I haven't seen in action yet!! He is getting a job that is uphill from the start! Coach Pate did a awesome job and was a tremendous person as well as Coach with great character and hopefully Witcher can continue the path Pate left. Everyone can say this person or that person was the one for this job but time will tell and i wish Union Hill the best and they have my full support win or lose. He is young and will make mistakes but for me if he keeps the kids motivated and instills in them to do their best every time and they believe in him it will pay off on the field. Go Bulldogs and best of luck this year!!
  3. I apolgize didn't mean to put on 3 times not computer wiz just wanted folks to get what i was trying to say and if someone knows how to delete the first 2 please tell me! sorry
  4. I moved to Gilmer about 5 yrs ago and although my children attend another school i keep up with the Area Teams but especially the Gilmer Buckeyes. At first i was amazed at how people around town were crazy beyond normal crazy for the Buckeyes.They were very successful in fact they had just won the State Championship. One of the guys i just met at my new job, because we didn't know anyone, came by my house and he brought a game film from the State game. He was ever so excited about this play and that player etc... I thought these people have been brainwashed.There were some who didn't like the Coach and said the usual " I could have won State if i had those players that he has on his team". One particular day some lady, said that Coach Traylor was arrogant, and, that her son was done wrong by the coaching staff and Coach Traylor in particular. If this young man didn't play football he would ruin his chances for other sports. I got mad and said the nerve of this coach to do this to these young men. I went and watched their games and formed in my own theory look at these players my god a 2 yr old could win with these, and, Coach Traylor is just very lucky to get these particular kids. I seen him yelling on the sidelines and thought you knuckle head, he is making a fool of himself for yelling at the officials, and, what kind of example is he setting for the kids! This was my attitude! Everytime i would get a notion that someone wasn't a "Traylor Fan" i would act like a child and talk of how he isn't going to do that next year or wait till this group graduates he won't win another District Championship no not next year. A couple of times i seen him at the bank or club Wal Mart ,and, i spoke to him but he just nodded ,not real friendly ,and, i was like i can't believe this arrogant cocky coach!! On another occasion i was at the bank, i heard a gentleman telling the clerk how Jeff Traylor was a one of the top christian men she believed in town. I laughed and said he has the whole town brainwashed that he is the next messiah!! Then after the next year going to the games when i had the chance and following every newspaper article about the buckeyes or tv show on friday night they weren't supposed to be good but yet they still are winning. The next year the same thing and the next and the next the same ole story! I visited with alot of his players who my children know and would come to the house and i would pick their brain and ask questions about this or that and especially Coach Traylor but never anything that i thought i was going to hear about the coaches. They would tell me how he has top college coaches on his cell phone,such Mack Brown from Texas or Stoops from University of Oklahoma. If you want to play at the next level he will do all he can to make that happen for these young men. But even the players who don't get much playing time had super things to say about being a part of the Buckeyes and how it means alot to walk out of the tunnel and be a Gilmer Buckeye. The sense of pride they have and the values that these coaches instill in these young men had me shocked wow what is going on this is not what i was expecting to hear about Traylor and his assistants. I heard you can't cuss in practice or be disrespectful to teammates etc.. You have to hold yourself accountable for your actions away from the football field also. If you get in trouble or have a incident away from the field you better hope Coach Traylor doesn't find out because his program isn't ony about football but also morals and standards that the coaches hold to and expect the players to as well. I can say that i had to speak with Coach Traylor on couple of issues in the last year and found him very approachable and very helpful. The program had a player who was terminally ill and Coach Traylor dedicated the season to his honor and was involved till the end with the student who lost the battle with the disease. This year the Buckeyes lost their announcer to cancer and dedicated the game i believe to the honor of this man. I even hear Coach Traylor gave a half time speech during the Kilgore game about this man and his battle with cancer and his never quit attitude! I hear all the time about the Buckeye players the things they do to help others in the community and that the coaches work crazy crazy hours looking at film and preparation for the next opponent etc.. I am very much sold on the program and i think the people of Gilmer have every right to be proud and boast of the success of the Buckeyes! People that speak against the program are either ignorant as i was or part of the opposing team and i believe jealous of Gilmer Buckeye Success because society
  5. I went and watched this game and wow was i impressed with both schools. Laneville in my opinion would win 9 out of 10 times if they played. Avinger players were so well coached they didn't trash talk or get rattled when they were down by 17 in the 2nd quarter they just kept on playing basketball. One fan from the stands was yelling at the coach constantly and at the players and he was from Avinger but my hats off to the Avinger team!! And by the way Laneville will go along way they are GOOD!!! I think if they had Avingers discipline no one could beat them because they are impressive!!Great game!!
  6. This should be one really good game!! It will be interesting to see what happens if one of the teams gets down by a couple of scores early because neither team is used to playing from behind.
  7. i live and breathe union hill and i can say unless union hill gets some kind of offense( only 8 points in 4 games) we are in trouble!!!! i hope we can hang with them and catch some kind of break!! the coaches need to pull the rabbit out of the hat if we have one!!!
  8. man from reading some of this i might need to go hide under a rock and bus my kids to gilmer because uh is going to be shutdown/sued/beaten and banking accounts frozen!!! all we want is to pray before ballgames and because our school board and community stood up and said lets pray and we will deal with what happens if it does when it does!!! although i do appreciate the lectures on law i hope that you appreciate that a school and community with not one nayser among us here at union hill will keep having prayer till someone says i am offended!!! i have never heard from so many people including the visiting team how proud they were and wish that there school would follow suit with prayer as union hill has done!!!
  9. i won't let anyone on here discourage me because almost all have been very positive and only a couple have been negative and although i don't understand i will pray for them!!
  10. i did do alot of research and even in the santa fe case money wasn't involved in the lawsuit they just had to quit doing the prayer!! i do not,did not and was hoping not to offend,upset,anger and or bother anyone. i stand by my decision to fight for this and in the prayer last night when i said amen it was like we scored a touchdown because everyone said AMEN!!! if someone does end up complaining then i guess we probably will have to stop but until then we are going to keep praying!!
  11. first of all sportsrus and runthebone are you and i didn't ask for a 3 page letter ARE YOU OFFENDED by dear god watch over these players and help everyone to have a safe trip home!!! if you are you should change your idiotsrus and bonehead!!!
  12. i don't see what is so hard to understand i am not going to discriminate against any religion if they want to say the prayer bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am just a country boy who was raised in a christian home with parents who told me treat everyone as i want to be treated and from reading the responses and problems that people have with this i say that i hope my god forgives us for what we have become!!!!
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