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  1. In a seven games series, I'll take the Spurs. Congratulations to ME!!!!!!!!!!! My 100th post.
  2. I watched Commerce run off the field followed by their coaches after beating Eustace in 1997. Steve Lineweaver, now at Trinity, and his coaches also walked away from Chad Morris, now at Lake Travis, and his coaches. I don't know what his excuse was but that's all it was, an excuse. I can only imagine how they reacted when they lost.
  3. http://www.athensreview.com/sports/local_s...=secondarystory
  4. I saw this Friday night and would like to know if it was right. On 4th down, there was an incomplete pass and offensive pass interference was called. The defensive team refused the penalty. There was a change of possession and the "white hat" marked off 15 yards. His explanation for marking off the 15 yards was "Offensive pass interference is a 15 yard penalty and a loss of down". I thought it would just be a change of possession. Never heard that off. pass interference came with a loss of down. Which is right?
  5. http://tylerpaper.com/article/20080829/SPO...9/-1/SPORTS0526 This is the game I was watching. 36 - 28 does not appear to be a shutout. What game were you watching? Grace had 3 different players throw the ball for a total of 36 yards. I guess they left out the 67 yard TD pass when they compiled the stats.
  6. Watched them play last week. As mentioned above, they are very well coached. No silly early season penalties or screwups. Kicking game looked weak but they did run their offense pretty well. Both QB's, I think they ran 2, could handle the ball very well. Hard to tell who had the ball at times. They didn't appear to be extra fast. Should have had more yards passing but had 2 or 3 balls dropped. Defense looked a little suspect. They did make the plays when they needed to.
  7. On Saturday in Arlington, Eustace Girls #1, Eustace Boys #2. Congratulations to both teams and to their first year coach, Josh Sipert, a Eustace Alum.
  8. Athens wins in 5. Congratulations to Athens and Coach Spain! I heard they play Van on Tuesday.
  9. Athens wins in 4. First game Crandal won 25-11. Athens then wins 3 straight. I didn't get the scores. Congratulations Athens and Coach Spain!
  10. First win for Eustace vs. Crandal in 10 years.
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