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  1. Ray Finkle wasn’t happy with Dan Marino either.
  2. Sounds like the spread will fix everything. Always does
  3. That fumble right before halftime really hurt WR. Troup hitting they long pass set up their score. Great catch by the wide out
  4. Daniel Swaim Kerry Strong Jamie Salter Steve Morris Todd Dodge
  5. Waskom 51 Hughes Springs 48 boys score
  6. Waskom over Ore City don’t have a final
  7. 1. Scranton High School 2. Schrute Farms Charter school.
  8. I heard that Daniel Swaim and Kerry Strong are carpooling to this one. One will be as the Ad other head coach. I think they are just gonna flip a coin to decide who is one and the other.
  9. centex1


    I heard one of the perks for this job always uses of the school district golf cart for personal use. If that is true I think we all know who is getting the job
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