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  1. Playing down a classification for a school is a tough thing. You win and you are supposed to cause you are bigger. Lose and you lost to a smaller school makes you look really bad. Now add in that you lost to a rivarly school or a school in your own county is something that some coaches and communities don't want to deal with. If you are the smaller school you might not mind playing with your varsity but your jv and jr highs can be at a real disadvantage. Daingerfield for example is going to have 1 jv team with about 30 kids on it. MP is going to have a JV a Freshman team a possibly A and B Fr
  2. Daniel Swaim was seen hauling a load of goats up through HWY 859 yesterday. Coincidence????? I think not. I have heard people in Edgewood like 4 things 1. hauling animals 2.driving golf carts 3.throwing golf clubs and 4.winning football games. Swaim checks all of those boxes. If he doesn't have to drive a bus route he will be there yesterday.
  3. The one thing that everybody seems to be forgetting is Daniel Swaim is acutally from Kilgore. So he has that going for him which is nice. First time he has actually had a leg up on Kerry Strong.
  4. You think he has a chance over any of those men listed????? No chance in Hades. I can see Vince McMahon walking down the ramp now. No Chance that's what you got. And then Swaim walks out next to Here comes the Money Here comes the Money
  5. You mean to tell me that this post has been up for 32 mins and nobody has said Kerry Strong, Mike Thomas or Daniel Swaim. I mean other that Todd Dodge I think those are the only logical candidates. Steve Morris is a distance 5th.
  6. Can these two men really occupy the same space at the same time. There must be a lot of shop being talked here.
  7. Along with Swaim and Kerry Strong. Possible Steve Morris but I will fact check that and get back to you.
  8. Swaim was spotted Pine Ridge while hauling some hogs to Oklahoma. So maybe killing two birds with one stone?
  9. At the small school level it makes sense. But with the bigger school districts when you have multiple jr highs that feed multiple high schools you can't get a good count that way. The count is taken the last week in October in odd number years and how many kids are enrolled on your high schools on that day. Not how many are present but how many are enrolled.
  10. for the purposes of realignment 9-12 are counted in their numbers because freshman are eligible to play varsity sports. So even if they are not physically on your "High School" campus the freshman still get counted. But I don't doubt that Allen has a freshman campus.
  11. I thought that PLC was a wing t team.
  12. Other than Daniel Swaim interview I haven't heard much.
  13. Where is the line between East Texas and the Piney Woods
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