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  1. DJ Feaster RB Waskom 5 carries 174 yards 3 tds Tesean Hamilton FB Waskom 14 carries 127 yards 4tds 1 2pt conversion both in a 77-14 win over Queen City Ezequiel Ruiz Kicker Waskom 10-10 extra points
  2. 7th grade Waskom 34 QC 26 8th grade Waskom 28 QC 0 Jv Waskom 18 QC 12
  3. Waskom 7th 8 HS 7th 0 Waskom 8th 20 HS 8th 8 Waskom Jv 22 HS Jv 8
  4. I have always wondered what did you do after Lou Brown peed on your contract?
  5. Waskom 7th 40 Ore city 14 Waskom 8th 40 Ore City 0 Waskom Jv 28 Queen City Jv 12
  6. What happened to Jack Dallas? He was a good QB
  7. We just had a cancellation of Jv game for Thursday. Looking to fill spot ASAP. Will play 2a-4a Jv team or a Freshman A/B or a larger school. Will travel if needed. Contact Jeremy Kubiak or Whitney Keeling [email protected] or [email protected]
  8. Waskom Jv and Jr High is looking for Sub Varsity games for the week of Sept. 30th 1- 7th Grade 1 - 8th Grade 1 Jv. Will play 2a-3a or a larger school Freshman team or jr high B teams. Contact Jeremy Kubiak [email protected] or Whitney Keeling [email protected]
  9. Cole Watson Qb Waskom 10 carries 108 yards 3 tds long of 65. 4/5 passing 87 yards 1 td Tesean Hamilton FB Waskom 11 carries 120 yards 1 td long of 57 Dj Feaster RB Waskom 6 carries for 107 2tds long of 67 2 catches 53 yards 1td All in a 60-14 win over Shelbyville
  10. Waskom is in search of a jv football game for this Thursday. Will play 2A/3A or a larger school freshman team. Contact Jeremy Kubiak or Whitney Keeling if you need a game as well. Will travel.
  11. I heard that Danny Almonte is the pitcher for their baseball team.
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