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  1. John David Russell has to be on that staff in some form.
  2. this statement is factual.
  3. This statement is not factual.
  4. I have heard they have a list of candidates. 1. Daniel Swaim 2. Kerry Strong 3. Jamie Salter 4. Joe Williams 5. Todd Dodge Must be nice to draw such top teir candidates.
  5. Swaim got it? Good for him.
  6. Waskom over EF by 15 points last night
  7. Thursday Waskom lost to West Rusk by 2 Friday Waskom 64 Troup 53 Waskom vs Arp at Arp on Saturday
  8. He would bring 23 district championships. 2 state championships. And a statue that is too heavy to move.
  9. Yes I saw on Twitter that Coach May is going to be a prinicpal. Most likely an inside hire I would think.
  10. You know I have often thought wouldn't a dumpster fire be the best kind of fire? It would be contained in the dumpster and then could be easily put out with one truck probably. But I don't know.
  11. Saw in coaches website that Simms is open where is Coach May going? James Bowie had a good season
  12. Yes it was a huge tragedy that could have been adverted sooner had he not pulled the pants down of the guy next to him and started licking the mans posterior. When Coach Swaim was asked to Comment on what he was doing he said “In first aid training when someone is choking they said to do the hiney-lick maneuver.”
  13. He said if he get hired he will personally fry a turkey for every member of the school board. And haul all their cattle wherever they need it taken to
  14. In Texas we are on a two year contract with teams. We are locked in for the next year. With all the game being cancelled this year due to virus I am not sure how that will work. There should still be a game for this year between the two teams. What I would say is that you can check with some of those bigger schools that play in those showcases. Like I don't think Longivew has a game for the first week but I am not sure. Not sure how big of a school you are but that is the only East Texas school that I can think of that might be looking.
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