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  1. :nowhearthis: Carthage RB/DE Hunter Holland WR/DB Cortlyn Ware
  2. What, have you been sniffing paint thinner?
  3. DeMarco Murray is a barely above average running back in my opinion. He does have good straight line speed. He's fast, however, I don't know what it is about him he just gets stretched out to the perimeter against fast defenses and gets taken down at the line of scrimmage or behind it too often for me to worry too much about him if the ball is handed to him. Now, one thing he is exceptional at and OU is good about doing with him is he catches the ball out of the backfield in the flats very well. When he catches the ball out there with a head of steam already built up and in space he is
  4. If they do this after a turnover it's a terrible idea. If they do it after one team scores and before the kickoff that might not be as bad, but overall, I don't think I like it.
  5. LIONMAN, You know us Carthage people know exactly how you feel. When we finally got a coach who knew/knows how to use the talent he has we took off. If y'all do the same the Henderson/Carthage rivalry will be red hot again!
  6. Traylor or Surratt would've already won state titles with Longview just as they have at Gilmer and Carthage, respectively.
  7. RideUm, Thank you for your straight forward and truthful post about your feelings as a Center fan toward Carthage. I know when we first began playing each other again recently there was a lot of, let's say....excitement from the Center faithful, which is perfectly understandable. Now that we've gone through a couple of seasons and played each other a couple of times and had so many exchanges here on SDC I too believe there is mutual respect from Center to Carthage and from Carthage to Center. I appreciate the respect and honor you've shown my Bulldogs while maintaining your disgust
  8. You're a Henderson Lion fan. You've always had a target on the Carthage Bulldogs as we're your biggest rival and y'all are our biggest rival. Let's go Dawgs!!!!
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