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  1. https://tylerpaper.com/news/local/tyler-isd-finalizes-price-for-john-tyler-renovation-finds-efficiencies-to-add-indoor-athletics-facility/article_a18e5e30-9670-11e8-9a3b-77d956033412.html I'll plead ignorance as to how ISD bonds work, but this seems like a genius way to fund athletic facilities without worrying about whether or not people will vote for it.
  2. Lassie? For 30 years my wife has hated it every time Kim Cattrall appears on TV because of the predictable and inevitable "howl" that I feel obligated to do.
  3. End in sight? Louisiana and their 496 deaths per million will open gyms 3 days ahead of Texas and their 39 deaths per million. 62 active cases out of 240,000 people in Smith County and we get a 25% opening on the 18th. Yay us!!
  4. After reading through the order about travel to/from Louisiana, my daughter finally decided to bring our grandson from Shreveport to ET. She was fully prepared to fill out all of the paperwork about where she would be, how long, where she was coming from, etc. This is what she encountered: Trooper: What's the purpose of the trip? Daughter: To drop off child (sitting in car seat in back) at his grandparents. Trooper: When are you returning to LA? Daughter: Tomorrow morning. Trooper: Come on through. Drive safely. .
  5. Played summer adult baseball with his brother Kevin, who coached at Ennis for years. Kevin was a 'character' and it sounds like his brother was as well from some of the things I've read recently. What an awful tragedy and huge loss to the family and community.
  6. I have no idea. I just like stats and how they compare to what I see on the news/this site/social media.
  7. Service Area G: Anderson,Camp,Cherokee,Franklin,Freestone,Gregg,Harrison,Henderson,Houston,Marion,Panola, Rains, Rusk,Shelby,Smith,Trinity,Upshur,Van Zandt,Wood CV-19 confirmed cases currently in hospitals: 22
  8. Texas DSHS website show hospitalizations by region -https://txdshs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/ed483ecd702b4298ab01e8b9cafc8b83
  9. They got hosed as far as travel. Baseball wise, they came out way ahead.
  10. One of Tyler's news stations posted a link yesterday with a reference to "flattening the curb". For some reason I didn't feel that clicking on it would be useful.
  11. I'm sure anybody that tried to warn them was met with a mind-numbing "ok boomer".
  12. I'll play. Game 1: Hallsville ten-runned a "football school" which prompted cliche's out the backside from the football guru's of smoaky. Game 2: Even in fantasy land and made up games......JT played a school with more than 150 kids and lost. Game 3: Even with no fans in the stands, Lee's fans watched via Facebook live and still somehow managed to annoy the out of anyone within earshot.
  13. 4 teams played 4. 4 teams played 5 https://txhighschoolbaseball.com/featured_news/whitehouse-tournament/
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