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  1. They will be as good or better than last year I would expect. They used a lot of younger talent last year in big roles.
  2. Tiger1995

    Waskom SQT Pools

    It's called "Sophomores" lolol and bunch of them.....3/4s of the team was sophomores last year and our qb you saw was out all year. Lost 5 of those kids you saw in 2 A days out for the year. They was forced to start an almost all sophomore team.
  3. Tiger1995

    Must See Games Of 2019

    It should be a classic this year. Troup and Arp are both finally gonna start seeing the benefits of the youth programs. Troup will be flat out nasty in 2 years. Mark my word! Troup is 2 years away from making a 2 year run at the title.
  4. Tiger1995

    Lone Oak Open!

    Great place to set roots in and build a hell of a program.
  5. Canadian Should be #1, Followed by EB then DF......Newton @ 8. Harmony @ 10 Tidehaven out. I think that is going to be a little more realistic when it shakes down
  6. Tiger1995

    Waskom SQT Pools

    More to come...….
  7. Tiger1995

    Class 3A (D-II)

    My nephew I adopted did the same thing. He was having a crazy meltdown randomly and we finally after a few hours figured out it was all over a cell phone and video games....So I calmy asked him if he would be fine if I gave him his phone but no video games.....he said yes....so I did...Data turned off though....fit resumed....about 2 weeks went by and I noticed he was actually going outside to play.....then after a while he came to me as happy as he could be....He had just completed the Harry Potter book in 3 days.....as you can imagine I was very happy. I did let him have his games and phone back....but by then...he had found he could do a lot of other things that was just as fun....I got lucky with this one
  8. Tiger1995

    Arp SQT Pools and Info

    Yeah and to have a 6’5 receiver back that missed the entire season last year will help along with D1 recruit 6’3 Tren Jones who played qb last year to fill in for John.
  9. Tiger1995

    Arp SQT Pools and Info

  10. Tiger1995

    Arp SQT Pools and Info

    Arp’s first time back to states in 7 on 7 since 2002 when they had qb Wade Pate and SMU WR Blake Warren.
  11. Tiger1995

    Class 3A (D-II)

    Sometimes that's just not having the bigger more athletic kids and the game of match ups/coaching. I don't remember yall getting hammered by anyone. If your referring to losing a close game to a down hill running team then more than likely your guys played pretty physical till coaching finally exploited the weak link.
  12. Tiger1995

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    Sounds like they should be in good shape really. Good luck to yall
  13. Tiger1995

    Class 3A (D-II)

    Back in the good old day there might be 2 kids in the entire district that actually ran laser time of 4.7 or faster.....No days there's 10-12 on every team just about. And I'm not talking about good coach XXXX with a stop watch time that claimed so and so ran a 4.3 lololol…..
  14. Tiger1995

    Class 3A (D-II)

    All that is still the same. The only difference you guys are really seeing in what y'all call "physical" is the technique has changed for the better and seems less physical but in reality it's more physical in the aspect of it takes mind and strength to accomplish. The good old day of just put your head down and bull through someones chest is long past for great reasons. Y'all can say all you want about these kids today but they are bigger, stronger and more physical than we ever thought about being back in the day. The technology in the off season training is unreal these days. If we resorted back to the glory days of tacking in football we would see deaths everywhere due to the size and strength of a bunch of these kids. The speed would also eat all those guys for breakfast and it would turn out to be a scoring frenzy in ever game.