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  1. Tiger1995

    West Rusk Opening

    good luck coach...see ya around the hood brother.
  2. Tiger1995

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    well i feel your pain. Arp got away from what has worked for 50+ years other than when we had a NFL caliber qb. in 2018 we went to doing what EF does....we missed the playoffs for the first time in like 16 years. Yup....Mrs Tuey was Right...."Run the dang ball"
  3. Tiger1995

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    I'll stay away from that conversation lmao
  4. Tiger1995

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    Look how fast things drastically changed for Newton after they got of their region this year. That should tell you all you need to know. Newton will be one of our top 4 teams again in 2019 and won't be anywhere near what they was the last 3 years. Don't get me wrong. I think their will be great football played in R3. I just don't see anyone who will get into the Ship in 2019. You and I both know I'll be standing behind the region as much as anyone.....Hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I will be
  5. Tiger1995

    Running Up The Score

    New Topic name.... Stopping a Team from Running the score up.....Life lesson....folks don't want to get beat up in life but it still happens if you don't fight back and stop it
  6. Tiger1995

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    No it's not. Neither region has that scary good team returning. Unless there's a team out there with a stud sophomore group that pop's up as a dark horse there isn't much coming out of 3. I think the top 8 teams in the state will all be in region 1 & 4 in 2019. 3 will have a down year. If not for Newton's freak team Region 3 was way way down compared to everyone else. Just calling it how I see it. 3 will be the bottom of the barrel. Region 3 will have some names in the rankings only off of Names...not who they really are
  7. Tiger1995

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    Hard to say......Arp does bring back everyone with a very good JV moving up....so.....nothing will surprise me from Arp in 2019....I think the staff will be highly motivated
  8. Tiger1995

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    Arp returns 9/9 offense and defense plus 25 lettermen. I think region 3 will be weak next year. State will be 1 vs 4 imo.
  9. they look like they will be strong for the foreseeable future....
  10. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2016........I threw 2011 in because we lost our 1st team all state RB 2 weeks before the playoffs and still went 4 rounds deep with a freshman at RB. 2007 we Lost to state runner up on a hail marry, 2008 lost to the state runner up, 2009 lost to the state runner up and 2016 lost in the simi final after beating newton lol...IMO we should have had at least 1 out of all those great years.....oh and lets not forget the great Offensive team of 2001......seriously that team was amazing......oh back to Newton and Canadian...... Good luck Newton!!!
  11. Mart is fun to watch. Gotta follow everyone else. Gruver played hard. 12 is a beast. #### they lost their top offensive player for the this game.
  12. Would not surprise me at all....I feel like he will do what Arp's/Baylor's Tyrone Hunt did at that size and move to DT. FYI Hunt is projected to be a 3rd round pick in this years draft. Hunt in High School was 6'5 245...He now listed at 6'5 290.
  13. No ...Canadian won't stop him. Don't be surprised to see him win Defensive MVP.....It's got to be on his mind
  14. It won't matter who's at Corner...Canadian does not have an answer for Sylvester.....I'm predicting a 5-6 sack day for him.