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  1. anyone know if they are still playing?
  2. It'll be a good game. Good luck to y'all tonight! I will be listening in.
  3. Sounds about as expected. Arp is young!!! But has some good kids.
  4. But also has more than double that came out.
  5. The last 3 years has been very strange. Kids put all that work in then the Sr years go 1 sport Athletes suddenly or just do other things. Guess all schools go through it from time to time.
  6. Arp basically lost 18 kids from last years team and has only 2 Srs. They’ll fight and support them. But it’s gonna tough this year.
  7. What’s up strangers! How’s everyone..... hope all is well..... wish my 2 studs were in Texas playing for those Tigers this year.....unfortunately we won’t have football in Va until February...my whole coaching season has flipped..And no attendance in school until Nov 13th on a 2 week trial period. Y’all keep my Srs this year up here in your prayers that they don’t lose their Sr year of football. Now onto to Arp Tiger Ball.... Arp is gonna be ok this year. They only have 3 srs so they’ll be really young. I’m told they will be ok though and very competitive. Expect them to look more
  8. Little birdie says the Birds are losing too
  9. Troup will be good next year. Look for them to be drastically improved. Arp will be year 3 in the offense so I expect them to take a good leap this year.
  10. They’ve done well this year. They’ve got a Good group of kids.
  11. I think you’ve drastically underestimated that district.
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