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  1. Coaches can’t carry the ball for them
  2. There’s a pretty good chance starting about 6, but it looks like most of the heavier stuff may not be here until around midnight hopefully. Safe travels and remember, get there a little early. R.E. St. John has terrible parking.
  3. Well Kilgore and Henderson have both lost to Carthage in the playoffs recently, I think Kilgore’s was just a little bit deeper though, haha. In all seriousness, Henderson and Kilgore historically are pretty even as can be expected from to schools so close. I’m just hoping for a good game and that the rain holds off till about 11 or so.
  4. How’s tonight look? I know Kilgore’s freshman and jv are both 6-0 and rolling. How’s Henderson’s younger group look?
  5. For the record, although Kilgore did not play well last year, Palestine did not upset them. Kilgore won that game. i think Henderson wins in a close one.
  6. Battle of the Dogs, must win for both teams, likely playoff spot on the line in week 1 of district. Who would have thought two 1-4 teams would be this interesting? Who takes it?
  7. How are Chapel Hill’s 9th and JV teams this year?
  8. I was referring to the QB from last year that transferred. I was talking about the fact that I know you guys have lost some to other schools, but on the whole Chill still has good athletes.
  9. You are right about that. Discipline and gameplans are areas that should be able to be seen early on in a coach's tenure. Coaching is a profession that is easy to second guess yourself, or overthink a situation. I don't know anything about Chapel Hill this year, and I know there are probably some players that do transfer to area schools, (Obviously the QB this year), but Chapel Hill still has some athletes. I watched them last year and I know they didn't lose everybody. Hopefully it will start clicking for you guys.
  10. Im just curious what some of the Chill faithful think about Coach Hooker and the overall direction of the program. I personally think a coach needs 5 years to really get a good idea about what his way of thinking can do for a football program. It seems to me that Surratt and Traylor have made some folks in the area a little dillusional lately. I mostly follow Kilgore and Longview and I'll admit I have been one of the one's that have said in the past i felt like Longview should have had a state championship by now, but on the whole, Longview is in great shape as a program. Kilgore is in
  11. Longview High School class of 1999 then- 6’0 about 175lbs Wr/Fs now- 6’0 about 225lbs
  12. I believe he came from Brownsboro. Don’t know much about him other than that.
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