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  1. No and Art's former players are now coaching all over the state as are former coaches at Stephenville. And Stephenville is hardly what I would call a big school anyway. Maybe there is a reason why a former Stephenville coach did not got the Stephenville job a few years ago when it was announced that he would? And even if I am totally wrong. Baylor says "Hold my dang beer"
  2. Not to even mention what went on at Stephenville. And that is all I am going to say about that.
  3. Celina does in their JH I think. And the deadliest offense.is the the scheme your players can best execute.
  4. I said when Malakoff hired Jamie that they were about to get good. That DNA is running strong. Monte Jack has to be smiling tonight.
  5. Bunch of slow white kids that have not played anyone near as good as DF has. Hey buddy, how are you? I retired this year. Lost my wife last winter and almost died myself a couple of times from various reasons. Just could not do the coaching thing anymore. Hope your family is well.
  6. If EVERYONE in Morris Country threw in five bucks they would STILL not be in his price range. The salary DF is going to pay unless things have changed is embarrasingly low for a program with its history and tradition. Why do you think Traylor turned it down two years ago? He was making a LOT more as an Assistant at Gilmer.
  7. That was the only games Sardinea could get at that time. He ALMOST had to schedule Stephenville for crying out loud because NOBODY would play Daingerfield. And BTW the schedule Waldie had for his two years was set up by Sardinea.
  8. ESPECIALLY with the money they think is a fair offer. WAY under what the Brand deserves to draw first rate applications. I know of more than a few OUTSTANDING young Coaches who did not even submit an application last time because they knew how bad the salary would be.
  9. DA did not even get an interview with the Committee last time. That kind of proves my point about Committees. I would have kind of have thought that DA would have at least deserved the priviliege to interview at DF. I do believe he did a pretty fair job there once.
  10. And another thing, if they go through the lame process they did last time with a Committee of dozens to find their man they will be in the same boat again in two years. How a place like DF could screw up the hiring of a FB Coach is beyond me. Committees are USELESS and never accomplish anything. The Superintendent needs to interview and hire the Candidate. Not a BUNCH of school employees and community members most of with their own agenda.
  11. Michael Mason. Should have hired him last time. Waldie (nothing against him) was their third choice after the first two bailed after being offered.
  12. I have coached a couple of teams that could not beat Bye High unless the Bye Bus got a flat tire and they missed the kickoff.
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