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  1. Mineola 2020 Varsity Football Schedule Winona 1st Scrimmage Home Aug. 14 Caddo Mills 2nd Scrimmage Away Aug. 21 Canton Non Dist. Home Aug.28 Wills Point Non Dist. Away Sep. 4 West Rusk Non Dist. Home Sep. 11 BYE Sep. 18 Dist. Games Winnsboro Away Sep. 25 Bonham Home Oct. 2 Mt. Vernon Away Oct. 9 Pottsboro Home Oct. 16 Howe Away Oct.23 Rains Home Oct. 30 Commerce Away Nov. 6
  2. Dak ran in the first few games, then hardly none. I think the injury to Mahomes scared the you know what out of coach clapper. He doesn't want to lose his only chance at a new contract. If Dak goes down so does the clapper.
  3. And you could hear the Sabine fans yelling too...….."PUNCH HIM IN THE THROAT!!!"...…………..You stay classy Sabine Diego
  4. Congrats to the Cards, they outplayed and outcoached the Jackets. Could'nt get any run game going.....and the Cards eventually got to moving with the hurry up. Good luck next week. FYI it was a pretty good beatdown but nothing compared to being at Jerry World and giving up 70 points.
  5. FYI if you think 23 is the only one you have to stop.....22 is the leading rusher/receiver. Go ask your coaches.... they know
  6. All-right no more funny stuff, this game will depend on which team commits the least turn-overs. The field will be a muddy mess so that will be a factor. The Cards have the best QB in district and he will be hard to contain. There were some thing that I saw the Jackets Def.do in the last few games that makes me believe they have been preparing for this game. On Off. the Jackets will have to grind out the yards and they will have to score when they get to the red zone. Should be a very entertaining and a very physical game, I have the Jackets winning 27-22, or it could be a blow-out Cards 112-0.
  7. LET THE BEATDOWN BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! No? ok how about a WOOOO!? No......woo?
  8. Man...…. your almost hurting my feeling. Hey did you know that there were WO fans sitting on the Mineola home side last Fri. Said they were tired of hearing all the whining. Y'all need to bring back Blankenship, talk about an ankle breaker. He tried to take out my legs on every play.
  9. WOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! IF YOU AIN’T FIRST YOUR.........aaaaaa......mmmmm....SECOND!....or THIRD or maybe FORTH. Mineola Sabine GW WR WOOO....WOOO......WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🏎🏎🏎🏎 LETS GO GET KICKED OUT OF AN APPLEBEE’S............WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. WOOOOOWEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Jackets gonna win district..........WHO’S WITH ME!!!!!!!!! Come on show of hands
  11. Yeah, the drunk guy that flew the jet into the spaceship. That guy. Thanks for the complement.
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