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  1. Updated : Commerce forfeits to Rains over COVID
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/10/20/depression-deaths-double-cancelled-surgeries-lockdown-report/ over the next few years than total Covid deaths. As a cancer survivor I feel sorry for the 100's of thousands of people that will have terminal cancer in the coming years due to lock downs that delay diagnosis and treatment in the early stages.
  3. Bonham forfeited to Potts already Commerce/Rains will be a good game, will have to give the edge to Rains being at home +7 Mineola/Howe The last time they played was the Reg. Semi's of 2016 and Howe almost knocked the Jackets out of the play-offs. The Jackets will TCB. Winny/MV Like they always say "throw the records out anything can happen". You would think MV has the firepower to win easily...but Winny....never count them out is all I can say. Dist. standings: MV 4-0 Potts 4-1 (this weeks forfeit counted) Minny 3-1 Winny 3-1 Comm. 2-2 Rai
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/kristen-welker-upcoming-presidential-debate-moderator-has-deep-democrat-ties Deep state democrat Welker...once again the Swamp media is 98% demo's. Trump is fighting the Swamp Dem's, the Swamp Never Trumper's and the Swamp Media...
  5. A lot of Jackets fans wish he had gotten the ball on 4th down at MV last week.....
  6. Well it's been a few hours and I still can't get over how the Jackets played. Never gave up, kept playing hard and made plays when they had too. Both teams gave it everything they had, Potts QB and RB combo sliced the Jacket D all night, and they threw the ball but the Jacket secondary made some great plays to limit the deep balls. I know some of the Potts fans would complain about the refs, they were "not good". But I always remember what our coaches use to tell us, never blame the officials for a loss...you should have played better.... On a side note, I usually don't call out players,
  7. Week 9 games: Bonham at Potts Commerce at Rains Mineola at Howe Winnsboro at MV
  8. Final Mineola 57 Pottsboro 49 I can't think straight right now, I just watched one of the best games I've ever seen in person.
  9. 35-28 Potts half. Cards are good, Jackets trying to stay with them...
  10. Mineola ISD on facebook should have it livestreamed and I just checked Pottsboro ISD and they have a livestream link on there home page.
  11. Gameday! Hope Potts bus breaks down , they get to the field just in time for the anthem and they lose the coin flip. Just kidding....maybe. Gonna be a tuff one against the Cards, they look really good and will test the Jackets for the second game in a row. With the ball flying around in the air maybe the Jackets can pick a couple. Go Jackets!!!
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