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  1. I'm done with Abbott after his China virus response...wanted to trade him for the FL Gov. but someone removed my post about that earlier...probably over my comment about trading him with a bucket of balls...baseballs...baseballs...
  2. One of your previous posts says you were "torn" over this one....there is no "being torn" over this one....the officer did everything right...he has the right to go home alive...."lil homicide's" actions and his mother and father's inaction is 100% to blame for this...period. In my opinion 'lil homicide" wouldn't have made it to his next birthday alive...
  3. Your clueless...and useless...you need to get your country bumpkin butt out of the Winona backwoods and go a ride along with any metro PD for just one week...you wouldn't be able to handle it
  4. Your second guessing someone that had a split second to deicide whether to shoot or not, it looked like to me that "lil homicide" had the gun in his right hand and in one SUDDEN movement flung the gun as he turned to put his hands up. I would have shot 100 times out of 100. BUT NO...you get to sit in your comfy lounge chair and try to "Monday morning QB" a deadly situation...If the Chicago PD or that goofball they call a mayor do ANYTHING to this officer the whole CPD should go on strike. BTW you did notice he fired only one shot...didn't empty his Magazine...that was a textbook shoo
  5. The sad thing is that a certain percentage of the population has been trained now....can't wait for the next "crisis"....
  6. Here we go with the conspiracy ....why don't you get out from behind the keyboard and go apply to be a cop....you don't have to reply...I already know your answer...."Naaaaa I got better things to do"
  7. So from an article I read”the suspect was known to authorities”....FBI failed again...and again
  8. So spin that wheel, cut that pack And roll those loaded dice Bring on the dancing girls And put the champagne on ice I'm goin' in To Sin City I'm gonna win In Sin City Sin City...AC/DC Album Powerage 1978 2nd best Album by AC/DC...1st Back in Black
  9. Lighten up BlahBlah....bubba just might save your life someday....or maybe not
  10. https://www.19fortyfive.com/2021/04/how-joe-bidens-war-on-guns-could-cost-the-democrats-in-2022/
  11. https://fee.org/articles/the-czech-republic-has-the-highest-covid-mortality-in-the-world-despite-strict-lockdowns/ you can't stop a virus.....no matter what you do.
  12. https://thenationalpulse.com/exclusive/biden-covid-director-racist-tweets/
  13. Correlating effect....some people just don't get it....they just say ORANGE MAN BAD...WHITE MAN BAD...POPO BAD....
  14. So you tell me... The articles writer is a SJW that has no business knowing what the ISD is doing. Was there a law broken??? People just want to have a say in everything....he needs to go do an article on something constructive...like counting the number of red skittles in each bag and see if they are equal....gotta have equality don't ya know.
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