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    My interest lies first in Jesus Christ. HE is my reason for being here today. My wife and kids are next in line. I thank God for what He has provided me. I love football! It is the sport of TEXAS and it seems high school has become the cleanest at the sport. I watch it all and hate what the pros teach our boys about a sport that suppose to be fun.

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  1. I thought I read Liberty Hill is headed to 5A
  2. Great game Lampasas! Ya'll are a good team.
  3. I listened to some of the game between Lampasas and Liberty Hill. Apparently, with less than 2:00 left in the game, and Liberty Hill with only 1 timeout left, and not planning on using it, the QB backed up and threw a 20 touchdown pass. The LH radio announcers were livid. The touchdown got reversed because of and offensive penalty. In my opinion, that is pretty sorry for a team to do that. According to the radio announcers, one of the coaches apologized to LH for that. Lampasas took knees after that too. The QB for Lampasas had a remarkable game. I don't remember the stats, but he had 5 or 6 touchdown passes and a lot of yardage. LH was slow in the secondary last year when Carthage beat themselves.
  4. They fixed the problem. We can post now.
  5. State Semi Finals - Lampasas vs Carthage. Being played at Texan Drive/Randall Reed Stadium in New Caney, Friday at 7:30 PM. Carthage is the visitors. Go Dawgs!
  6. Says a kid who has probably never done this...Austin Statesman write up. “Forty and 0 is over-rated,” senior running back Kyle Harrison said after Liberty Hill outlasted Carthage 44-41 Friday night at Cy-Fair Stadium All I am going to say is if Cathage had caught those passes, it would have been a different story. I know that they didn't, and life is a should a, could a would a, d and didn't kind a thing.
  7. Well, I have scanned smoakey some this year, and, by far, not an expert on anything. As I watched the Dawgs, this year, I saw some young men grow. There are a lot of young varsity players who are returning next year. I was told we are losing just a few starters. I do know there is a very talented JV moving up, with a good QB. Gunner was good, and sometimes, great! Enjoyed watching him grow up in the football world.. Last night, I saw a team start off great, and end up with a lot of touchdowns dropped. Nothing against Liberty Hill, their offense was interesting to watch, but if Wideouts don't drop balls, this game is different in my opinion. Unfortunately, miscues and mistakes, are part of the game. Liberty Hill, I hope you're able to beat LaVega, but I don't think it will happen. In my honest opinion, you played very well, and beat a better team. Next Year Dawgs!
  8. Correct me if I got the wrong information. However, I was told by someone who knows, that in the Huffman game, Carthage had several players with that awful stomach virus that's been going around. In fact there was a report of one of them upchucking on the field because of it. They played, 'not up to par' but still won 46-10..... Carthage big in this one......that's all!
  9. How sweet it is to be a Bulldawgs backer.
  10. Lion70, I can remember a time when you supported you district. Henderson had a great team and Carthage was fortunate to beat your team in Longview. The Dawgs represented the district. If Henderson had of been there and won, I can promise you the Bulldawgs' fans would have been there to support Ya'll and if you won, we would have been happy for you. To me, reading many of your comments over the past few weeks, you have been a very sore sport. That, in ways, kinda shocks me in you. Because, up to this year, you have always supported your district...rival or no rival....... I'm not a hater, and I am not trying to hate on you! Ya'll have one of the greatest coaches in Henderson, whom I personally know. He is a great Christian man, and coach. As David Smoaks said not to far back.....'Wins are great and so are championships. But, what kind of young men graduate and learn from their mentoring from their coaches is what's most important." I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Maybe that will pick your attitude up a little...... :)
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