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  1. When does Bryant pad their stats against against Ashdown and Eudora
  2. I don't know how long Saban is gonna do it but Bama puts you in the NFL religiously
  3. But wait...there's that old monkey wrench call LOBO PLAY CALLING hiding in the brush...
  4. The last time I was in Arkansas(college track meet) I walked away with 2 gold medals and a scholarship offer to Mississippi Valley State. Hell Arkansas might as well be annex of Smith county...we own all that up there too
  5. I never said you said he said she said. But you came in here crying bout a no call on a running play away from the actual play that had no effect on the outcome of this game. In reality...Bryant only should have scored 7 points. The best school in Arkansas...32 game win streak over Hope Arkansas and Dumas Arkansas just lost the maybe the 15 ranked school in Texas with 75% underclassmen on the field. And as far as basketball...I'll play you! That's right in my wheelhouse
  6. Cause it makes my work day go by faster laughing at him and the whole state of Arkansas. If @Lobo07or @ANTIdid a top 50 high school football states...would Arkansas football even be in top 25
  7. So you saying Carthage would beat Longview and Byrant combined...
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