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  1. The only knock on Hale was his attitude. But this was when he was 6 or 7th grade. Sometimes when you know you are better than everybody you feel entitled. Not saying he's like that now but he is head and shoulders better than his classmates
  2. Sure has been a lot off freshman going str8 varsity basketball at Longview nowadays...can't be a good sign. Even though he prolly be the best player on team.
  3. So he will be playing wr this year huh? I haven't been to any practices but I am not lying when I say this young man is a multi-talented multi-position player...position-less player like basketball is now. Right now I feel like Ice T when he had the gun on Nino Brown! I prolly be at more fish games than varsity!
  4. Once he starts lifting weights...he'll prolly add 10lbs by his sophomore year
  5. Did JT lose any players to that new school Tyler opened?
  6. See...that's dat boo boo right there
  7. LP has never won at Lobo during King's tenure??
  8. The only time I can remember JT clearly being the better team was back in the David Warren years and year after Talley graduated...
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