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  1. @ANTI you are correct both ways...I messed that up all the way round with the name and the persons. Thanks for the correction
  2. IMO...Meredith looks like a bigger "speedy petey" Robertson
  3. I ain't for sure but I believe might be kickoffs in end zone automatically downed. And if defense moves a finger b4 snap it's offsides. Prolly some more but that's all I remember.
  4. My step sons played tournament ball all summer in dallas...got their a$$ ripped up every tourney. East Texas prehistoric compared to the talent up there
  5. Yea I don't know what is going on with JT hoops.
  6. Don't let PT fool you...they were in disarray all year long behind the scene
  7. JT LP Lobos all same caliber...but they will give up 6 touchdown leads doe...
  8. If you don't wanna play Longview...why play Lufkin? Same caliber team as Longview...
  9. gtee2

    Your Team In 2018

    Cheating a$$ LP
  10. gtee2

    John Tyler Football 2019

    Golden opportunity blew this past year...smh
  11. How do you score 18 whole points the entire game...
  12. Awesome players...but the people I'm refering to never put on a uniform for Longview. And these where dudes were talented talented athletes! Tory White Sr woulda been the best ever to put on a Lobo uni