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  1. There is not a better east Texas program than Carthage! Congrats!!
  2. They are undoubtedly the best team to ever come out of East Texas but I disagree that Bobby was the best player on the team. He was the most known but a sophomore name Toby Bush was the best player. And if you were to ask Bobby or anybody on that team they would prolly say the same
  3. How many false start first play of the game did Lobos have this season...? Then the 3 bad passes and drops to start the game...it finally came back to bite Longview in the butt. Honestly from the LP game you knew this ending was coming
  4. As bad as it has gone for him this year...Lobos gonna need him at some point during these playoffs. I wonder how many drops he has this year. I don't remember any drops last year. The pressure of being the #1 ain't for everybody...
  5. Am I the only outsider that has love for JT on this site?? Maybe it's that color blue I'm seeing...
  6. Nawl I wasn't being funny when I said that. I know they are in shock and not surprised all in the same. We all know THigh was not on same level as LP football wise
  7. By far LP...Marshall not even in that convo. I expected half a hundred put on THigh
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