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  1. i approve. http://www.frontporchnewstexas.com/
  2. MP should have hired Macfarlin when he wanted the job. Didn't they hire a coach from oklahoma who had 8 state titles or something instead?
  3. SS TD!!!!!!!!! Lee with a 18 yd keeper. SS goes for 1 SS 27 DHS 28
  4. SS blocks a punt, SS ball at DHS 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. http://www.smoaky.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=104056
  6. this probably sounded alot cooler in your head.
  7. http://blog.al.com/goldmine/2009/12/auburn...k_rollison.html more to follow...
  8. i wish y'all would play all the TX State Title games (5A-1A). I like getting to see the 5A D1 and DII games, and i remember seeing 4A one year ( Stevenville/Lamarque/Denton Ryan?) Fox could play the re-runs all year like they do with everything else. ya i said it. you know the Top 50______ whatevers, sports science from 04, y'all even played the oklahoma HS ship games last year.
  9. to a ref- "Footlocker called, they want you back in 10 minutes." foul ball- "heads up!" or "headache!" runner on 1st- "turn 2" I like to randomly yell " SPORTS!!!1"
  10. great match-up this week. Good luck Lobos, you're gonna need it.
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