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  1. Okay, hopefully this will be my last post concerning the matter. I personally have not played pattern read in HS or college (we were more man free and 2 man). I just happen to know for a fact that is what Bullard runs in their secondary. Do you expect a MLB to be fully vested in stopping the pass (maybe if it was Tampa coverage, then yes)... Let's not forget you gain an extra backer because Bullard is a 3-4 team. The MLB triggers because of his read... He sees zone blocking/pulls/high hat/low hat all that good stuff (part of the reason why play action works great). Maybe we could also talk abo
  2. I assume by 2nd string you are referring to me. I apologize for not posting more and having a higher post count. I usually tend to stay off these types of message boards because of the amount of "wisdom" that comes out of fans mouths. I am very familiar to what Bullard defensive scheme is. Bullard did not run cover 2 versus Gilmer... Bullard is not even a cover 2 team. To the casual observer, such as yourself, I can understand how the coverage might be confusing (or maybe your eye sight needs to be checked). Bullard is a pattern read team, some also call this palms coverage. But I'm sure you k
  3. You might want to stick to your "more lucrative profession". You're analysis of Bullard's defensive scheme is way off.
  4. Power = bench, squat, deadlift Explosion = clean, snatch, push press I do love explosion day in the weight room though... those lifts tell you who the athletes are.
  5. I've been coaching powerlifting for 6 years now. My rule is that if you lose weight you don't lift that week. Ex. If you weigh 225 at the beginning of the season, you better weigh 225 or more every week. And the suits, wraps, etc are for safety. I know there are powerlifting coaches out there that do questionable things but not all programs are like that. Let the kids compete and have fun.
  6. Tatum @ Jefferson- Tatum Gilmer @ Rains- Gee whiz let me think Kaufman @ Chapel Hill- Kaufman Mount Vernon @ Gladewater- Mount Vernon in a close one Spring Hill @ White Oak- hard to stop WO's wing-t.... I'll go with WO Bullard @ Palestine Westwood- Bullard
  7. My profession doesn't exactly allow for a honeymoon period this time of year... My wife is very understanding woman.
  8. Good luck to Quitman and Coach Callahan this year!
  9. It's Strongdog... but thanks. As somebody told me before I walked down the isle.... "Game Over"
  10. Sure wish I had as much time as you ClearThinker....
  11. Not a great game... alot of sloppy play. Saw it in person. Alot of talent on the field.
  12. Gilmer Tatum .......... I think the third spot is anyones to take, maybe even the second spot but Tatum always find a way to get it done.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised to see Center pull off a playoff birth... with Diboll losing so many and Japer changing offenses (from what I hear) I think that district will be a dog fight for 2nd and 3rd spot.
  14. Carthage Diboll Center-Jasper Rusk Huntington
  15. Jasper has been playing great, but I think Carthage will take this one in extra innings. I'll say Carthage 2-1 in 9 innings.
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