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  1. Running low on gas he was not...a reliable source states that as he entered J&Ps, he looked to his left and saw a man with a towel tucked in a sweat shirt with shorts over sweat pants sitting in a booth eating a celebratory crispito with a hint of salsa del sol. It was the “Lucky” one who had met with Burt on how to make rusk athletics great again.
  2. Where is Red90Fly for nomination? He always breaks it down from a fundamental standpoint.
  3. didnt athens go 0-10 two times in the last 20 years. What has athens done before 2010? Just curious athenian. Wasnt athens the huntington of 4A in the early 2000's and before.
  4. I know. Crockett better be ready.
  5. Shelbyville by a lot. Good coaches in shelbyville....especially on the offense side of the ball.
  6. I'm going to predict...or how about guarantee Carthage 63-0.....Center will not make playoffs. You guys don't know how to act after winning 4 games to less than average teams. D-Line will get destroyed by carthage O-Line. Enough said.
  7. Wow you from alto??? and because of that comment about sack lunches you should bring your's. and besides Who know's whats gonna happen. At least Hawkins made it to the Playoffs!!! and also if it's a long game that means both teams are doin good! I suggest Hawkins fans bring the sack lunches, meaning its going to be a long game for them. And if your satisfied by saying, "At least we made the playoffs," then you dont have to much faith in your team to fair too well. It seems like your just happy hawkins made the playoffs.
  8. Alto by 30!!! Hawkins doesn't stand a chance. I suggest that hawkin's fans should think about bringing a sack lunch. Because its going to an all day alto affair!!!!!!!!!!!! Alto brings it all together this week. No foolin around.
  9. Number51, the real question is "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" You are so sensative when it comes to someone asking a simple question as to where you got your statistics. I just want to know where the 90% came from. You'll be the one who feels like someone pee'd in your cheerios saturday morning when you realize that basketball season is going to start for the rams. And number51, don't be a popinjay when writing on this message board.
  10. Where did you get your statistics? From the Fox/Rasmussen polls?
  11. O we will see who can play friday!!! Sorry to dissapoint, but its going to be the team in black and gold. The Carlisle game is over, just another number in the win column just like Joaquin will be #7 friday night. They can come line up in the run-and-gun offense for all I care and Alto will still dominate. Its plain and simple, Alto has the better ATHLETES. Get ready Joaquin, cuz these jackets aint dodgen your rams!!!!!!!!
  12. I hope I'm not being too cocky in your opinion db1980...
  13. Geez, ease off my man red90 and punisher...its just a little friendly trash talk between two loyal fans of their own town. I'm glad both teams don't play or be as nice as you want us to be when they're playin or neither one would make the playoffs. Just let them talk their trash and let it be, no harm in it. And I say Alto will take Joquin to the wood shed in this one...No Doubt.
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