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  1. It's not a matter of "if" Walters commits to tu, it's just a matter of "when".
  2. The white one? Yeah, I liked it a whole lot more than the photo shopped tceh helmet, but wouldn't want in every game. I think it would be cool if they used that white one like UF does with their helmet.
  3. Whether Harris ever plays a snap at Texas or not, Texas will miss him should he decide to transfer. He's the kind of kid you want in the locker room and as a representative of the university.
  4. They are not switching helmets. This was started as a joke on texags over a week ago.
  5. No they haven't. And the only thing more idiotic than a Texas raised person liking OU is one of those OU fans accusing Texas and A&M of illegal actions.
  6. I was on that team. That was one of the greatest moments of my life.
  7. Why won't you answer my question kevnasty?
  8. 1) This is about NFL draft picks. 2) I'm not mad about anything. There has been one guy switch to tu, and if he wants to play for tu over A&M, then good luck to him. 3) You still haven't answered my question. A&M has the second most of any school from Texas, so please explain what your point is.
  9. Well said kevnasty. He's not just stupid... he's double stupid. Did someone call you that out at recess a few minutes ago? A&M had the second most of any Texas school, so I don't see what your point is.
  10. Impressive. Just wondering, why are they playing TCU in the middle of the conference schedule?
  11. Really good player from Lindale that's a freshman at a JUCO right now. I'm not quite sure which one, it might be McLellan?
  12. Did him and Brody play a lot of ball together growing up?
  13. They've had trouble with defense, defense, and a little bit of defense. The defense has also not been very good.
  14. Melvin Bullitt is expected to sign with the Colts on Tuesday as well. Hey smokie, why didn't you post a response on the Aggies only thread?
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