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  1. Notre Dame defense looks legit this year
  2. TCU looks like they may get upset. A&M is my disappointment team this week
  3. It wont be easy for Jalen or Tua this year
  4. Haha notice there are more Americans protesting in China than Chinese?
  5. In order to save as much energy as we can, I am protesting Barry’s internet service provider for today and today only!
  6. Kansas may be better than Tech if they play like they did vs Arizona
  7. Guys you have to realize how easy it is for a kid to be ruled ineligible... the coach from the school he came from has 2 boxes to check. He checks the right one and bam the kid has to sit out a year. Who would know more than his previous coach on why he left other than the kid himself and his parents?
  8. Les Miles is a real damned good Football coach. I don't blame LSU for firing him, but I do blame all of those other programs that passed on him after he was fired. They all look foolish.
  9. Here’s another thought. Briles may not have recruited these kids. His name and legacy speak volumes without him saying a word. Who’s to say these kids didn’t just move in to play for this guy and get the best out of their athletic career? Just a thought.
  10. If they are declared ineligible, pretty sure they become eligible no matter what the following year. Who knows what would happen to the school/staff
  11. This week has a nice slate after the awful one last week. People on ESPN were trying to argue "There were 4 upsets!" Sorry talking TV sheep, #20, 21, and #25 getting beat doesn't make for a fantastic football upset... Anyways, instead of having to focus on Charlotte @ Clemson, we get to talk about some real games this week. Friday, September 20 #10 Utah at USC 8:00 PM FS1 I only highlight this game because of the USC brand. I think USC may have enough talent to win this one, but they are having to play a true freshman at QB... and I just don't trust that. Utes by 10. Saturday, September 21 #4 LSU at Vanderbilt 11:00 AM SECN LSU finally gets to play a game that matters. I am looking forward to seeing this offense vs an SEC defense (audience laugh now). Seriously, this will be a better test than last week, but they will also get a more focused LSU. LSU wins by 21. #11 Michigan at #13 Wisconsin 11:00 AM FOX My heart says Wisconsin, but my head says Michigan. Why? While Michigan has struggled, they still have a lot of firepower that just hasn't been set off yet. What better to set it off than a real challenge against a real team? Michigan by 3 (a late FG). #8 Auburn at #17 Texas A&M 2:30 PM CBS Auburn is #8 due to their schedule. Texas A&M is the better team. I expect A&M to win IF they can find a way to run the ball. I don't care how they do it, but they won't just throw all over Auburn this year without keeping some of those guys in the box. Jimbo will find a way... he always does. Aggies by 4. SMU at #25 TCU 2:30 PM FS1 TCU will win this one. I am not sure how good they are this year, but Patterson won't lose this in-state, metroplex game. Frogs by 10. West Virginia at Kansas 3:30 PM ESPN+ Why would I feature this game? For Les Miles! Why else?!? The guy is fantastic TV and a hell of a football coach. Kansas will win this one. WVU is freaking awful and Les Miles is a better coach. Kansas by 1. Baylor at Rice 6:00 PM CBSSN @Minerva and his Rhule ball will win! Bears by 17. Oklahoma St at #12 Texas 6:30 PM ABC Everyone is trying to make this game to be more than I think it is. Texas will get scored on, but I think Texas easily wears Ok St out. Too many weapons. If they can (and I think they will) execute the exact same game plan vs Ok St that they did vs LSU, they will win by a large margin. Horns by 14. #7 Notre Dame at #3 Georgia 7:00 PM CBS This will be exactly like the Cotton Bowl Semi-Final game last year. Except the opponent putting it on Notre Dame will be Georgia. This will be ugly ugly ugly. Dawgs by 18.
  12. Utah Texas A&M Northwestern Ole Miss Kansas Michigan South Carolina Oregon Texas Georgia *Tiebreaker: Notre Dame total points 27
  13. I have good WRs, just picking the 3 that will perform each week is the challenge
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