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  1. Nice to see LSU on that list
  2. I agree, and there are many in my neighborhood that would be alarmed at a black man dressed like a gangster. I don’t think it is because they are racist. It would be because it is completely out of the norm for this area so it would raise some major alarms. I just think this news report should give as many facts that are made available to them if they are truly trying to help identify a criminal. Leaving out “black” could lead to wild goose chases if this was a busy apartment complex. I also feel uneasy that the only description they have of the 3 males were 1) they are male and 2) they are black. What are they wearing? Surely if you saw that they were black you could at least say jeans and tee or hoodie... seems like sloppy police work too
  3. You replied to me who also said we needed better details, but I believe the news purposely left out “black”... since their report was almost word for word what the APD report said without “black”
  4. What if they said 3 Hispanics? Or 3 Asians? Just saying 3 men, you literally leave open the entire gender. So 3 black males or 3 white that were acting suspicious in that area helps a whole hell of a lot more than 3 men
  5. This is a sad sad story. I went through 3 different links on CBS Austin before I found any description of the suspects they are looking for.... Started here then clicked a related link in the story after wondering "how are we supposed to know anything about these suspects?" https://cbsaustin.com/news/local/police-identify-man-who-died-after-being-shot-while-selling-ice-cream-in-north-austin It brought me to here... still no description of the murderers... https://cbsaustin.com/news/local/man-selling-ice-cream-shot-during-attempted-robbery-in-north-austin-apd-says Then finally, I found the link in the story linking you to the Austin police department were you can finally find out that they were not just 3 males, but 3 black males... https://mailchi.mp/austintexas/apd-news-releaseaustin-police-department-seeking-assistance-with-aggravated-robbery-investigation It is still annoying that you can't find a description of the clothes etc that these people were wearing...
  6. You should go with my favorite episode "Jenny MacArthur's Vinegar Strokes"
  7. Dan Patrick is a complete idiot and should have been gone last election
  8. I read the entire CDC briefing from 4 days ago. I don't get the outcry for masks... The CDC says the main thing we can do is social distance. When you are in times or places where you can not social distance wearing a mask of any type can be beneficial. It's time to drain the swamp of our upper government in this state too. Everyone cries they are following CDC guidelines, but they are actually going a bit overboard and expanding the CDC recommendations, not following them.
  9. I think @KirtFalcon just doubled down on his support for NASCAR
  10. Do not steal my name... "The Taco's Pee Bibs"
  11. We are talking about the NCAA and their irrelevant rules. Enforce when you have nothing else to do, let it slide if there is some under the table cash involved...
  12. Kids can quit for any reason at any time and there is nothing we can do about it. If they quit to have a baby or because of a virus, let them. Who are we to prevent them from doing what they believe in. And who are they to stop us from playing football out of fear? I go work football games fearing that I may have that 1 head or abdominal injury to a kid that I can do nothing about. Should we stop football because of my fear? Play or don't play... just don't tell people, the free people of America, that they can't do something they have always been allowed to do when there is no proof of further harm.
  13. You are going to hear about it more than you should because it is the #1 CFB story on ESPN right now
  14. Then don’t play. Kids quit all of the time. One quit on us a few years ago because “he wanted to be a man and get his girl pregnant”
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