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  1. MavGrad99

    Media FOIA requests jump 669% post-Obama

    If you felt the need to provide them, why didn’t you do it?
  2. MavGrad99

    Since there is talk of assimilation

    We love @btex here. he is loved like a hemorrhoid. he is loved like root canals. he is loved like a gay pride parade in Saratoga, TX.
  3. MavGrad99

    College Admissions Cheating Scam

    Similar story for me. It was hard to focus in college until I had to make it work... I could go off on this subject but I’ll just leave it that simple
  4. MavGrad99


    Team Name "MavGrad is the best" joined... Team Name "MavGrad is the Worst" reserved for next Sunday...
  5. Have you not ever seen a SDC Broken News report? We invented "Fake News"
  6. Hey Btex, welcome back. Your return is awfully close to when Lion was banned Hmmm. SDC BROKEN NEWS REPORT Local suspicions link btex to Lion70. Former president Barrack Obama and failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refute the link saying that people this dumb would not represent either party. They instead should be making that good moonshine in the Kentucky foothills for us to illegally consume.
  7. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    I think it would please the youngsters who want to see the possibilities of the Longhorn uniform without really breaking tradition.
  8. MavGrad99

    Not even a mention of NZ mass shooting?

    WTH does a crazed lunatic have to do with Bernie or Trump? Bernie nor Trump would support this act. The murderer is a psycho. While WHF1 hates the religion of Islam and its followers, he would not just go in guns blazing into a mosque. So while he has a difference of belief, he is not a psychopath that would just kill people without being threatened with his own life. And as crazy as you Dim loons are on here, I doubt any of you would either... So why put a tag on this guy other than "psychopath?" Especially one that has nothing to do with our country or government???
  9. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    my favorite is the Burnt orange jersey, white pants. But like I said above, I wouldn't mind seeing alternates in the spring to be used for charity etc.
  10. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    If I were a UT alum, I would be against it too. But for the “could be” people, you could always preview an alternate jersey to be auctioned after the spring game each year.
  11. MavGrad99

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    Buzz would be great if you can get him. But they have a guy that’s done a great job so far
  12. MavGrad99

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    It would be a dumb move for the aggies to fire him
  13. MavGrad99

    Judge dismisses lawsuit against CISD

    You are talking about the incoherent rumblings of a socially challenged illiterate
  14. MavGrad99

    Judge dismisses lawsuit against CISD

    Yeah... go ask his opinion on another site. You won’t be getting it here.