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  1. Screw her dying wish. She had 8 years that she could have stepped down and allowed a liberal judge to take her spot... she never did. That’s a mistake Democrats have to live with
  2. Nope. This season is and not worth the time
  3. No doubt, the Argyle front line dominated the first 3 quarters. I didn’t stick around to watch the 4th
  4. I believe it’s 3 paragraphs before it’s copyright infringement. I’d have to look it up again. We go mostly unchecked, but these sites we post articles from get $$$ for clicks and free distribution pisses some off
  5. Actually copying and pasting these articles got us in trouble once. Need to post parts of the article and the link
  6. You know, when you don’t give everyone everything they want then you will be unliked. We let too many countries use us and our resources. Glad Trump is ruffling some feathers
  7. I like what they are doing with the OL. Pulling 2-3 guys almost every time and they are sealing the edge very well against LV
  8. That oceanfront property is Arizona looks like an NFL contract to some college football players...
  9. They were also the first to have weed restaurants...
  10. You know, the NCAA really screwed this up. All the NCAA had to do was come out and say "We are going to allow football. We are going to allow the conferences to dictate the terms in which they will allow their players to participate. Cross-conference games will need to be agreed upon between conferences." That basically washes the NCAA clean. It is saying "You can play football, but we aren't going to make you." It also says "You are playing on your terms, not ours." And finally, the NCAA would only have to make regulations for the Playoffs... The NCAA keeps ending up with s
  11. They made a political decision and screwed up. Now they are going to rush back and screw it up because they are going to expose each other to COVID and have positive tests and have to fight that internal struggle on whether to cancel games or play without the COVID kids. I guarantee you that LSU, Bama, Clemson will not have any cancellation due to COVID. Most of their kids have either tested positive at some point or have been exposed... B10 and PAC12 have yet to face that, which is going to make their road difficult.
  12. Ohio St dropped 24 spots (a record) in the AP poll . Surely they may be the biggest and hardest fall
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