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  1. I made about 5 people delete tweets when they claimed Jameis Winston not starting for the Saints was racist... I kept calling them a racist then they eventually deleted the tweets...
  2. Game would be over in the 1st quarter when my hip and knee give out after my first fly route
  3. Arkansas needs to realize this is not the NFL. They can win all of their close games and get better draft picks...
  4. It’s almost to the point where schools are expected to have at least 1. Whether contracted through a hospital system or direct employees of the district.
  5. @Mavchamp why does it look like the center has to long snap to the QB every play? Looks like Mavs are taking shotgun snaps 7 yards from center... shouldn’t it be 4-5?
  6. That was pretty funny. Athletic Trainers in ETX are underpaid. I make almost double from what I made in Marshall 10 years ago... and I am at a much smaller school.
  7. You are an idiot. I make at least double that... if I were you, I’d keep my ignorance bottled inside
  8. If Trump legitimately lost this election, Republicans will not win in 2024. 2028 would be the push when fatigue usually sets in on a regime.
  9. 2016: Democrats: "Trump stole the election from us. He is going to murder us all. He hates gays! He is going to legalize the rape and molestation of women! Red Man bad! Satan has returned!" NEVER FORGET
  10. I am an athletic trainer. You may show some signs of limping the first couple of weeks... at some point, you get over the "babying" of it and the pain becomes more like pressure that limits that push. Anyone who pays attention to sprinters and jumpers can feel and see that the initial explosiveness is pushed off of that toe and transferred to the others. I don't know if this couch QB diagnosis is actually true or not... But I can tell you that I had a D1 athlete only miss 1 game with a turf toe and play the rest of the season... He did not hit his 4.3 speed the rest of that season, bu
  11. A turf toe injury would have a big say in explosiveness too.
  12. I am actually FOR getting rid of Paxton. Let's get an honest Republican AG in here.
  13. I may not have entered the main part of town then. I went there to pick up some livestock for someone I work with
  14. My team only scored like 110 points this week.... 80 points less than projected... Not sure I had a QB score over 11 points... awful. Lost to someone who had 3 players starting with 0 points...
  15. Tatum always has had playmakers. Side note: Not sure if any of you have ever been to Grandview, but it is a strange town. It's kind of hard to tell where anyone lives and I think it has like 1 or 2 stores unless I missed their booming economy when I went through there... It appeared to me that they do all of their grocery shopping at the gas station closest to I-35...
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