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  1. Same. A lot of us teachers pitched in enough money to purchase 35 more hotspots for our district
  2. I can’t fail kids for this. It’s not the school’s stance, but I work at a low poverty school and most of these kids barely have a house... I know they don’t have internet. Our school had a solid plan. Teach through google classroom, but we also have hard copy pick ups on Friday evenings. However, I won’t be failing anyone this year
  3. It would be. The night side is we could kill off the old teachers that are working into their 150th birthday like @WestHardinfan1
  4. I would defer payment on mine, but it’s literally the first payment due lol. Just moved in Feb 28... April 1 is the due date for our 1st payment. I feel like it would be weird and shady to defer our first payment
  5. Biden is calling this the Luhan virus... almost incoherent in some interviews. This is going to wreck his campaign
  6. I thought that instead of a stimulus package, they should have deferred rent/mortgage electricity plumbing etc for 1 month. Mortgage would be the easiest since this month’s payment could be moved to the back end of the loan. The problem would really come from ATT etc with the amount of money they would lose. I don’t think the government should have to “stimulate the economy” by giving us money when we already owe someone billions... let nature take its course. Provide assistance, but don’t give anything away...
  7. So they are going to use the kitchens and let people do pickups but not pay rent?
  8. Well I just meant the same thing that happens every time the LHN plays that game... but... yeah
  9. Reactions are now officially visible to all Members. Be mindful that these reactions do 2 things. 1) The most important thing these reactions do is absolutely nothing. They do not change the status of your account. They do not ban you. They do not suspend you. They simply DO NOTHING. 2) The other thing these do is allow you to say something without words. Meaning "I hate what this ***hole said" without officially typing it out. This reduces the probability of saying something unnecessary or inappropriate that could lead to punishment. Be mindful of what we are watching for: Don't poop @AKA's comments because he pooped something you said that he didn't like just because "he did it to me." That's 3rd grade . Be adults. Serial pooping/stalking. If this happens and we find it, you are automatically gone for 1 month. Crying. If you don't like that someone pooped your post and you message me about it, I will suspend you for a week. If you think they are doing it just out of spite, report the post and the user and let us investigate. Don't waste our time with senseless messages. Happy Corona Break!
  10. And blood from a previously infected person who has fully recovered. And the protein blockers etc... there are so many things they are looking at right now. I can't keep up.
  11. I’ve read several things that they are already testing a couple of options on humans. So they may end up pushing something out before we fully understand the side effects just to stop it if it gets out of control.
  12. we knew how to fix it... and we did after the twins
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