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  1. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    LSU won’t be the obstacle, OU is the obstacle. Outside of 2 teams, we will have a ton of 1-loss teams to argue about for last 2 spots. Texas has to beat OU again and win the B12. LSU would be one of those early season losses that is easily forgettable if UT runs wild the rest of the season
  2. The clip is funny as hell. What I like the most is that she wasn't going to beat the kids down, just their parents and anyone else related to them.
  3. Faculty can be punished. Being part of that ceremony is part of their salary. Fire them all. I wouldn't care if it was Hillary speaking, I would require all of my employees to stay. There is nothing to be done to the students though. They earned their degree before this day. We all know anyway that they folded up piece of paper has nothing on it and your real degree is mailed to you a week later...
  4. MavGrad99

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Sounds like good people to me
  5. MavGrad99

    2019 Marshall Maverick Thread

    You are losing both athletic trainers. Marshall already hired the head for next year, will still need an assistant
  6. EA and game makers don't need this though. Schools sell themselves. They don't need the players... Just make it where you can edit player's "name and likeness" inside of the game and we will be good. I think for a while you could go into GameStop and buy a download chip etc to upload all of the current players names and measurables into NCAA and have at it. Pretty sure you can find that stuff free online now.
  7. MavGrad99

    Aggies 2019 Thread

  8. There is always at least a few random “Daingerfield will win state” threads during the summer
  9. MavGrad99

    Random Art Briles thought...

    Like I said on another thread. Things could have been completely different had Sumlin gone to Texas instead of Strong. I don't remember the other hires that year, but Texas just made the wrong hire. Strong got the guys there, just didn't make them better. Sumlin could have done a lot more short term than Strong did (assuming he had the same type of staff).
  10. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    I think more of us get upset over stupidity
  11. In other words, you dummies that think that its okay to break the rules, then get pissed when we hide the post do not apply. If we were really in the business of censorship, buzzard and a few others would have been permabanned a LONG LONG time ago.
  12. MavGrad99

    UPDATE: Tatum hires Lufkin DC Jason Holman

    yep He spent more time in the training room than a girl's rugby team
  13. MavGrad99

    UPDATE: Tatum hires Lufkin DC Jason Holman

    Great guy. I really only asked to screw with him Used to work with the guy. Always smelled like cheese
  14. MavGrad99

    UPDATE: Tatum hires Lufkin DC Jason Holman

    Who was the OC?