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  1. MavGrad99

    Last Chance U Season 3

    I’m watching season 3 right now... I’ll be caught up in a day or so... I like Brown... seems like a moron and a meathead, but the dude isn’t all that bad at building up a dumpy JUCO
  2. MavGrad99

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Mack would have ruined RG3
  3. MavGrad99

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    He was literally 1 game away...
  4. MavGrad99

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    I think LSU offered but went cold on him with the lack of recruiting and finding other QBs to be “a better fit.” IMHO, you want this kid. He can be a thrower or a runner. A football dad, great program and can sling it. Joe Burrow is perfect for LSU this year... I don’t see Brennan being able to handle that role next year... meaning I think LSU screwed up
  5. MavGrad99

    AOC Border Agents

    I just read the article and it appears the chief is trying to do something about this...
  6. This really bothers me... this is the 3rd time he has entered the US. He had committed criminal offenses each time he was in the country. People like this are exactly who Trump referred to as Murderers and Rapists that he wants to keep out the country. This man would have never made it through the checkpoint, and if he made it through or over a proper wall, then props to him for the effort... However, this man should be executed, not deported.
  7. Speaking of... I wonder why Sarah Huckabee Sanders really left... I don't think she was unhappy with Trump... I feel she may be running for office soon....
  8. George H Bush was one of the most moral presidents we have ever had and even he was influenced to the point where there were a web of lies surrounding his presidency... I don't know what to say "It's politics"... but its pretty sad... Democrats want everything Trump does out in the public, but refused to do it with Obama. Trump is evil for sparring with media that repeatedly attacked him before he was even the RNC nominee. But Obama is a saint for using media as a massive propaganda machine to show us "how good his policies were." Even when they turned out to be complete trash and an abuse of power. Our government is full of corrupt, rich, liars. Accepting any of them seems to be complete trash to me. Don't judge one without judging the others for the same thing.
  9. these judges should also be immediately removed and replaced... this murder is on the judge... Violent criminals, insane or not, should be receive counselling for a short time before being executed. Counselling should include religious and mental. After a brief period put to death.
  10. AOC doesn't lie... Main reason being, she is too dumb to know that its a lie...
  11. MavGrad99

    💲 The Trump Economy 💲

    First of all, we are not allowed to alter another poster's content. We would lose our rights. If a post is HIDDEN (For the 1000000000000000th time, we do not delete posts... how else would we defend punishing your stupidity?) it is because you broke the rules. You feel like its a dictatorship because you are outnumbered... its like WestHardin living in Central LA... that old guy would feel like he is drowning in a cesspool or liberals where his voice just isn't as widely accepted. Some of you forget, you are in a Red State... This has been a red state for a long long long long time. Your ideologies do not match the majority. Quit being a baby. We listen, we respond. We do not suspend because we disagree... that would piss David Smoak off and get us nuked. We have to follow the rules just like everyone else. So I am sorry that your crybaby rant here is continually debunked... we will never suspend you for having another view... Centex and buzzard have made it this far... Ask @CarthDawg77 how many times we have suspended and warned him... its more than these other liberals... Get better, or go back to where you came from
  12. MavGrad99


    If they want me to buy into what they are selling, then they have to admit their mistakes... i don’t hate insurance being available to all US citizens... but you want something that will cost billions and you put it in the hands of congress to do it correctly... screw that... I’d rather take my chances unarmed in a gun fight...
  13. You know what they say... the best defense is a horrible opposing team’s offense...
  14. MavGrad99


    You didn’t know that you have to apologize and lick his toe fungus out before he accepts what you say.
  15. MavGrad99

    2019 Marshall Maverick Thread

    There’s something to lose... those elections