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  1. If he is leaving for a better OC gig then so be it. Last time I checked, Desoto wasn't looking that much better than Marshall. Long term, the flow of talent may be slightly better in Desoto... However, I don't see moving to DeSoto to be a move to make to be considered for a HC job next year. I would think that if you stay put where you have certainty of a playoff shot (assuming nothing happens to JJ), and likely another 8-2. 7-3 district title with a legit shot of winning a few playoff games you would be considered for HC positions again. I am not saying that DeSoto would be a worse job. Let me repeat before some moron turns this into something that it is not... I am not saying DeSoto is a worse job. I just think that staying in Marshall (short term) may be the better move professionally if he doesn't get the job when looking for HC jobs. This also applies to the DC. If you are going to have a dominant defense next year, then why not stay for another year if not offered a HC job somewhere else? Same for position coaches, why not stay another year if you aren't offered an OC or DC position somewhere else? Marshall pay is very competitive, you are going to win (or should), you have a fantastic budget, good facilities, great fan support.... why not stay if you aren't advancing your career???
  2. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    The answer to all of this is simple. If you have resources, use them.
  3. MavGrad99

    🤪 Sandy Ocasio-Cortez is a commie moron

    She may lose some powerful Dem friends... https://apple.news/A7hsYtgxESqSZGZCeFgQVtA
  4. MavGrad99

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    Nice to see LSU sneak back into the top 25. Team is starting to gel
  5. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    True Detective will live on forever!!
  6. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    Only been to one game there. Been on campus and I’ve worked with several alumni. The people I ran into were full of themselves and this was BEFORE JFF, so there wasn’t even reason to talk down too many other football programs at the time. now for college Station itself, I liked it. It looks clean. The food was good. The workers seemed competent. Besides the random whiff of cow dung in the air, that place was top notch. Bryan is also s great city to compliment College Station
  7. Here is the question at hand... what looks better? An OC who leaves to be an OC somewhere else and goes like 5-5 and misses the playoffs or is stuck in OC status for 5 more years or.... OC who gets passed up, passes on other OC jobs to see what he can do with his talent, and goes 3-4 rounds deep? OC with commitment is the one I choose for the next HC when i go looking... and playoff wins sure as hell won’t hurt the resume
  8. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    I like the town... I just haven’t had many great interactions with A&M fans outside of this site
  9. That’s true... the days of a pro-life Democrat have vanished
  10. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    That’s only 4 losses for LSU but damn they are massive losses.
  11. MavGrad99

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    One thing the media and general fan take for granted is that just because a kid puts his name in the transfer portal doesn’t mean he has to transfer...
  12. MavGrad99

    Conference Realignment?

    You don't get it at all... If Arkansas joined the B12 it would only stabilize the conference... It might would even be a reason for OU to stay. It might would even be intriguing for another school to join....
  13. MavGrad99

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    9-3 is great when you play teams like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Auburn and A&M. I am not sure what Miami's preseason ranking was but they may have been top 5, at least top 10. Auburn was in the top 10 to start the year. Georgia was top 4. Considering the expectations and then you look at the outcome... It was an amazing year for Coach O. http://www.secsports.com/schedule/football/lsu-tigers/_/year/2018 Now if we want to flip it... Look at the expectations for A&M, which were mostly 7-5 etc, and they go 8-4 this year some look at it and think "meh, about what I expected." But looking from week 1 through week 14... we saw the team evolve. Losing to Clemson and Bama was expected and who can complain about the way they played? Then getting beat by Ms St and Auburn everyone believed they were going to lay down and be Sumlin's A&M team and just bend over and take the boot up the rear from LSU... but they fought that entire game and proved they are a team to look at going forward. So I wouldn't say this was a great season from Texas A&M, but I would say it was "good" and encouraging for their fan base. So when you are measuring the outcome of a season, I would weigh the expectations versus the outcome, not just the record. 10-3 this season may be great, but could be disappointing next season. It's hard to judge it just based on wins and losses. One final example would be a team like Kansas. Let's say they go 6-6 and get a bowl bid next year? That is an excellent season for them, while it would be a disaster for Texas or OU or even a team like TCU.
  14. MavGrad99

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Which was why I took mine back but LSU was an easy answer to your initial question because of how recent it occurred... However, since I didn’t fully respond to your initial post, if A&M pulled off something like you mentioned, then yes... it would be a great accomplishment to Jimbo, his staff, and the recruitment of those individual players.
  15. MavGrad99

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Just so we are clear... before losing to A&M in a 10 hour game... LSU was not in talks of sneaking into the playoffs? Can you tell me how many top 10 teams LSU defeated? Also did LSU not have a better record than A&M in like opponents this year (you know, since we are taking cheap shots.). And when you say championship caliber teams are we anointing an A&M team in 2020 that none of us have even seen? go to bed @WETSU, your homerism is showing