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  1. USC Michigan TCU Notre Dame Georgia Virginia Tech Texas Iowa Arizona State Oklahoma *Tiebreaker: OU - Baylor Total points 56
  2. Some people may want to look at Leech's track record. You will be paying him a lot of money to turn your awful team into an exciting 6-8 win team yearly. He is not going to win you the SEC West etc... what he will bring is exciting football and great PR and mid to lower tier bowl appearances.
  3. Washington St was one of the worst programs in the country before Leach took over....
  4. A&M can and probably will have sustained success, but the real question is how you define that... I think of A&M, especially with the hire of Jimbo, to be a 9-10 win team that occasionally competes for the SEC West. If I am A&M, I am good with that. The SEC helps with that. The problem Texas A&M runs into opposed to the other schools in the SEC is that A&M is competing with UT, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech, Arkansas and Oklahoma for Texas recruits... not to mention all of the other schools that come in and grab 2 and 3 4*s here and there. It is difficult for a team like A&M or Texas to right the ship with that many hands reaching in your pocket. Both schools have seen it over the past few decades. Both schools have also seen success. Sustainable success within the state of Texas with the large number of recognizable schools gets increasingly difficult for the 2 big dogs at the top each year. They need to find a way to knock TCU and Baylor down a notch and get back to sharing with OU if either school wants a consistent 10 win season like you see out of LSU, Bama, Ohio St etc.
  5. Mavs slip to 6-4. Still look competitive in every game.
  6. We played a decent Wichita Falls team Friday that needed a win to get in the playoffs... they had 20 people buy tickets at the visitor gates... 20! This is one of the few things I missed about Marshall football, even when we were bad, the crowds still supported us
  7. I don’t think 514’s 4 win buffer is going to hold...
  8. i knew i was having a good week when Baylor and LSU pulled out their wins. It's hard to pick Baylor because they don't have anyone or anything that stands out.
  9. This cracks me up. I got this email minutes after the Bama win...
  10. No joke. Ed O just bought 5 more years on his contract too
  11. Someone just go ahead and mail that Heisman to Joe Burrow...
  12. I’m doing my Les Miles clap right now... never thought I’d see LSU dominate Bama like this while Saban is still coaching
  13. Being the only FBS school in your state helps a lot too. Didn’t Fleck choose Minnesota for the hospital or something in that region for his kid?
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