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  1. I don't really love indoor domed stadiums. Sure it's nice in August, but once September hits, 80 degree weather, rain, etc is all a part of football that Jerry and others keep taking away from us as fans and players. Weather delays suck, but I would much rather watch a game and sweat my nads off at TCU's games than I would watch a Cowboys game and it has everything to do with the atmosphere... You almost feel like you are at an opera house and need to wear a suit and tie to attend Cowboy games.
  2. 10. The New BIG XII, not so bad. Combined the 4 teams have a total of 2 losses and 2 top 25 ranked teams. That is almost better than the current Big XII make-up. 9. Targeting... If there is a wrong way to interpret this rule, this would be it... 8. Here's to parents who actually come up with cool names for their kids. 7. SMU's QB is tearing it up. 6. Pretty sick catch by the Freshman LSU WR. 5. Putting it all out there for the TD. 4. Top 25 polls. We are all bad at them. 3. To almost literally never lo
  3. What positive has happened under Joe Biden? I can't think of a single thing... and if you go all Twitter Troll on me and say "It got Trump out of office" you will prove my point.
  4. I think the country was better under Dubya Bush, and here is why: The Democrats worked really hard to create issues that didn't exist to keep Republicans out of office. Then, when Trump got in, they literally created turmoil out of thin air and kept at it constantly... now look at the crazy that we call normal now. I would have taken another term or 2 of Obama if it meant all of the fake stuff Liberals created under Trump never happened.
  5. I don't care if either team gets spanked in this one... Always a game that I look forward to hearing about each year.
  6. 1. Virginia 2. Notre Dame 3. LSU 4. Texas 5. Texas A&M 6. Iowa State 7. Louisville 8. Stanford 9. Michigan State 10. Oklahoma State *Tiebreaker: OU points vs West Virginia 37
  7. Birds over the big prostate examination thumb guys of Texas?!?! WTH
  8. You have Iowa… IOWA… over the only Texas school in your top 10…. Man card revoked
  9. If he played well, his sweet A logo would sell itself
  10. I have a hard time believing Arkansas is as good as they have been playing. We will see if they can prove me wrong. Going with the Aggies by 10.
  11. That was me, but then I took this job at Mineral Wells HS and my roles keep expanding… it makes it hard to compile all of that
  12. Just was a little shocked to see SHSU and SFA over LSU and all of the other more talented and probably better D1 programs
  13. Can you explain these rankings to me? Are they ranked by your best teams, best wins, or best weeks?
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