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  1. https://apple.news/AKPxhYzF0SYGsAxSKWDO6sA
  2. These XFL teams are sloppy. Dropped snaps, INTs everywhere, tons of fumbles... I love the concepts, hate the players. The extra points and kickoffs are A+ entertainment.
  3. The only thing that works against A&M is their conference schedule each year. The only thing that will really hinder UT is OU
  4. I would have been like “I worked under Hillary, you definitely have the wrong guy.”
  5. I will keel you for that insult!
  6. the rules are interpreted however the lafkdhakhf I want them to be ass in its context isn't really that bad. We are allowed some leniency in the Political Forum as long as its used in a non-aggressive context.
  7. Wait she finished 3rd... one of the other crazy women dropped... let me see...
  8. I saw that Amy K and Andy Yang dropped out. I forgot how much of a loon Yang was with the Oprah Winfrey “You get a $1000 and you get a $1000!” Income idea
  9. We know by now that any budget that actually cuts spending will not happen. I expect all of this to even out at some point where both sides will shout victory and not know a damned thing that just happened
  10. @MrBuddyGarrity told you... I don’t trust this team
  11. Finished with the #6 class. Not bad. The only real issue is that 2 conference divisional foes still somehow recruited better. Either way, A&M recruiting stays on the upswing, now they just need their win totals to do the same
  12. Haha I would have said the same thing if Hillary was in office... except I would actually believe she did it
  13. I can see the liberal conspiracy theorists say that Trump went into the CDC and released a few of our hidden diseases so we could win the trade war with China lol.
  14. So I win your vote? I am running against @WestHardinfan1 so I have to be a lock
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