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  1. It will take at least 8-10 years before you see the fruits of the city league. My school is good at soccer, very good, but it took our HC about 8 years to see the fruit of his labor. Now we are a perennial winner.
  2. You can sue for anything... so it’s always a good time for that... doesn’t mean you will win
  3. Of all of the marvel spin-offs they could have gone with, they picked the 2 least interesting ones...
  4. There is no list. While you don’t trust the state with energy, I don’t trust the government to give up power over anything... and I mean anything at all
  5. Abbot want in office in 2011... so putting it solely on him and not the last 10 years of Texas politics is unfair
  6. Wasn’t there a kid from ARP 10 years ago that was highly recruited in basketball and football? Think he went to OSU
  7. Guys, I get the anger, but... Ted Cruz is a US SENATOR. He represents our state on a NATIONAL LEVEL. Your GOVERNOR and STATE REPRESENTATIVES and STATE SENATORS, who actually represent our state and counties on a STATE LEVEL, are who you should be mad at.
  8. I’m pretty sure we’ve busted Barry and his alter ego several times in the past for using wiki as a source. He has fixed that issue. All of you other dum dums need to leave wiki alone when looking for reliable information. Wiki is The equivalent of NY Times for reliable news. STAY AWAY!!!
  9. 72 in my house. Sorry not rubbing it in, but never lost power. We are in an energy efficient new neighborhood
  10. Damn... Always have extremely low expectations of minorities: Be sure to constantly remind them they can never overcome their circumstances without your help.
  11. With murder you have to show intent to kill. An accident is not murder
  12. They sprayed him as a deterrent, not an intent to kill. So no not murder. It would have to classify as some type of felony though since it happened during the act of a crime.
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